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one way or another

growing pains. i seem to experience that often.  usually during the middle of new work getting made cuz thats when i realize that i dont know things or have things that i need.   if you want to keep raising your own bar, if you wanna lift that sucker high up over your head it takes some massive push.

dilemma: i know i need a better cutting tool that isn't going to melt the pipes when i cut them to reduce grinding/clean up time but more importantly, for a better, more 'true' cut.  and for efficiency as well since not having to do so much grind/clean up means less time/waste AND things wont wobble.

 i could get a 14" portable dry cut saw that starts at around $430.  if i can find one without the carbide blade its 100 less but i need at least 2 blades and those, if i want a good one is easily $150 each.  that isn't that daunting but what IS daunting is the more i read about these machines the more i'm seeing dudes in forums always talking about chipping blade tee…

this and that

below i talked about the candle holders being limited edition and that i would be uploading more to etsy. bout a day later i realized i dont have the desire to put them on etsy right now.  not in the mood to take pictures, it's cold and eye watering out there and i think i'm almost burnt out on photo taking/editing right now.  my shop is full.  juicy.  ripe.  got plenty up there. that and i would make more if i had that better machine.  so i'm selling them privately and holding onto whatever is left and letting it percolate.

i finally hit some sort of wall.  i wanna do this and that and need to do that and this and end up floating around like a lost soul.

i have my found object flowers laying around.  i wanna start some pendants.  i wanna make some more puzzle head sculptures. i wanna make more furniture.  my studio is a disaster.  i'm in limbo. so i flit around and take care of this and that.  fix that organize this.  i'll find my way. i continue to find homes fo…

yeah kinda like that

i keep going on and on about how crate and barrel has their limited edition 'peppermint bark'.  way back when, when i was a massage therapist that is...i had a client who turned me on to that stuff.  for christmas they had me over and we sat down to watch a video and they presented me with that peppermint bark stuff and i went nuts. i REALLY went nuts when i realized i could only get it during christmas.  it was like...well like crack.  and i had to wait til next hear to get it.

dare i compare my candle holders with that?  well ...okay. i will.
i have sold a handful of them privately and the few i put on etsy are gone.  i went on a little work rampage this weekend and am finishing up putting bottoms on them and need to sand/sign them and poof, a limited edition christmas candle holder collection will be here and hopefully gone til next year.  i realized that making them all year long was counter productive as you cannot charge THAT much for a few inches of pipe.  the work is a…

friday new art finds: george e ohr

this week'sfriday new art finds is crazy, eccentric, genius George E Ohr.  (thanks to tod for turning me on to him).  i had never heard of him or seen is work until tod brought home a big book from the university library. i was stunned when i looked through the book.  his pottery is alive.  it is sensual and imperfect and stunning.  he did things that no one had ever done and as far i as know, never has to this day.  you can read about 'the mad pottery' via thissmithsonian magazine article.

i'm excited to hear about the frank gehry building that now houses his work at the Ohr, O'keefe Musuem of art in Biloxi, MS.  you can read about that here

you know me, i just wanna show you pictures and let you find your own thread to follow.  enjoy! if you can find the book you will have a blast soaking up all that creativity.

glazed ceramic, 1857- 1918 at the MOMA

these pictures do not do justice to his work.  the book is much more interesting and i was loving his unglazed pie…


hats off to people who do big shows all year long.  really.  it's just too much for me on so many levels (and this was just a table show for gods sake).  i appreciate the opportunity to do it but now that i've got two under my belt in a few weeks i realize how stressful and long the days are when you are behind a table all day watching people walk by and look and comment (or not). forget about the lugging all the stuff to and fro your car twice in one day!  galleries and online is much easier and less arduous.   but i have to be thankful for those who showed up and bought my work.  my new candle holders were a hit and i sold about half of them.  sold some flowers, a handful of vases and one of my wood trays!  got lots of good compliments and mostly tried to absorb all the smiles and look of 'delight' when people took a closer look at my stuff.  made me happy.  i am exhausted and have had a big headache all day. guess i'm just not a people person, it's a lot of …

sneak peek

so here is the obvious.  pipe votive candle holders!  i still need to test them out (burn candles in them).  the red pipes were big enough i could buy a glass votive holder so those are good to go.  the smaller/thinner ones are going to be just candles in there so i want to see how they fair.  the all aluminum pipes, i'm thinking it will be a breeze to scrape out the wax, in the other pipes i have no idea.  i suppose one could put aluminum foil under the candle....i have no clue yet.  today i'm putting finishing touches on them (sanding the bottoms to smooth them and even any outer edges) and will test a few out tonight.  i like the idea of this.  i like it alot.  what do you think?