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rebar flowers

so last weekend i finished making a batch of rebar flowers for the flower show.  i didn't get a chance to take 'good' photos...but here is what i did manage before whisking them off.  i  had so much fun making these, i can't even tell you!  of course i feel like i need more 'fun' baubles...more color, more cool shapes.  not sure where i will find such things but now when i go to the scrap yard i pretty much ignore the 20 ft high stack of pipes and gaze at the minutiae, the crumbs if you will, that are left at the other blob of trash that is what i call the home and garden section. ie: broken toys, broken yard machinery and household crap.  not much to pick from but i'm there stooping, digging through more nastiness just to find a little round wheel....something tiny and unusual.

i sure do get excited when i find auto stuff on the roadside.  i really like gas caps.  and i like the round black rubber auto parts that inexplicably just fall off of vehicles and find themselves 2 feet off the side of the highway.  i like electrical parts too.  they make great 'flower bulbs'.  it is kind of endless.  i feel like i can't get enough rebar either. its a perfect marriage of metal rubble.

i might not be opposed to doing some garage sale time if it means i get to find little things for spare change.  i know i spent some money on these bobbin things at an antique store. (well actually she traded me vases for them as they were $4.95 a piece and they aren't called bobbins but thats what i call them cuz i can't remember what they are called).  so if its cool enough it's probably worth springing some silver over.

i have this blue vase up on not included. now that i know the kickstarter thing needs to be a 'new' project i am ready to sell these.  i've already sold seven to one of my vase collectors so there are 16 of these left plus two other darker shiny blue vases. my plan is to start loading all i can on etsy since it is that time of  year.  here is the link to the vase section. go check it out if you haven't seen my newest, more getting added today too :)


Luv those flowers! I save small odd pieces from stuff that's been repaired ... just cannot throw good stuff out. May I send some of it to you?
paula said…
i'm so glad you get them :)
and heck yeah, i would love your small stuff, thank you nellie!
Paula, these flowers are delightfully fun and whimsical!!! Love them! Have a great day! Patti
Gail Baar said…
You have such a great imagination, the flowers are great!
sarala said…
These are truly amazing. I think I have a few items I can send your way. Next time I have a minute to get to the PO.
Love your newest work!
I think life is getting a bit calmer so I'll e-mail you a note soonish.
It's not just that the flowers are in and of themselves beautiful objects...your photos are astounding and I love the way you have your industrial art displayed. Beautiful, Paula! (have you thought about selling your photos? what about a set of your vases and flowers as cards, say ten, with envelopes--I am sure it would sell!)
paula said…
i'm just tickled ya'll get it :) thank you for the encouragement and offers for scrap.
dawn...nah, just not my thing. i make postcards and send them as thank yous thats about it. i love that you love the photos as much as the thing!
ArtPropelled said…
Paula my heart just skipped a beat ... and another. You are on to something! These flowers are fantastic! All this talk about scrounging for scrap is not doing my heart any good either. We find mounds of metal spirals here and I know Don in Texas finds them at his scrapyard so you must be able to get them everywhere. Look out for them because I know you will be able to work miracles with them.
donauluft said…
Great artworks, Paula!
I guess the next you will need is a welder... ..(I´m a tool addict!)
.....and unlimited access to the scrap metal collecting point....
paula said…
haha robyn, i love you. thanks for being excited about the new flowers and more to come :)
don in texas....i thought don was in australia. i dont know the don you speak of.
thanks welding for me still. more room, more tools...more everything please!
Karen said…
Love all of these!! And yes, the photos are suberp as well. Looking forward to seeing more!
kathiroussel said…
paula-- these are super -clearly you've been having too much fun! this a wonderful departure -- or more like a continuation...i can't wait to see more and more of these..
paula said…
kathi...coming from you i am flattered :) thank you!!

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