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old and new

saturday is the angel show here in huntsville. this year it coincides with the huntsville christmas show on the square. they didn't do that last year..i fear we have competition! hopefully people will see the fliers and postcards about town and come visit because we will have lots of home made goodies as well as handmade works of art.

i have a secret new item coming up which i need to finish, test out and hope to unveil at market on saturday. it is an obvious choice that i doubt will surprise anyone when they see it.  in fact, i am sure if you put any thought to it you would be able to guess what it is.  any guesses?

having an online store and being the one in charge of when you need to change product is a little different than having art in a gallery.  in a gallery they let you know time is up and what else do you have.  they tell you no more of that and when do you have new? they decide what they want. not you.  i started my etsy store because the galleries liked/sold my mixed media work but the clocks weren't really 'gallery' materials so i sold the clocks in retail shops. once i moved to texas that all stopped.  i sell my clocks on etsy (a resurgence of them in the last month or two, go check out my new photos of them) and as you know...a butt load of vases.  in july i had only 26 sales in my etsy shop.  now i have 131!  i have even sold more vases than that because some orders were for more than one vase and some vases sold privately.  seems like a lot but it still is $20 here $30 there.  i still need to keep pushing myself to come up with new product to keep things fresh and interesting.  i suspect the vases will do well another month or two and perhaps again in the spring.  it's time to look ahead and figure out what else i can work on en masse.  i still want to do flowers but that is a one at a time thing and very time consuming.  i  know i will attempt pendants too as jewelry is very popular even if i am intimidated because it is something already done to death and i know i can't reinvent the wheel.  it's a challenge and i will accept it.  an etsy friend sent me some waxed cord samples so i can play around with knots and ways to hang pendants, soon as i finish this first test batch of pipe things and clear my work area up i will see what i can come up with.

i'm not done with pipes.  not by a long shot.  i have new 'container' ideas that will indeed require that non abrasive saw.  making thin slices of pipes and stacking them, i'm working on the prototype but i know i can't do it with the tool i have since it burns off most of the paint and melts the pipe so much it is impossible to really clean it up.  the thin strips of pipe have so much melted debris on both ends it isn't possible to grind it properly.  that could be my kickstarter project.  of course i would still love to just sell a few mixed media pieces and have the cash NOW.  i've yet to sell such a piece online.  i have reduced my prices now that my works aren't in galleries.  you are basically paying half of what you would were they in galleries.  perhaps that isn't enticing enough, i can only hope.  at any rate...i am busy and content. 


Kim Hambric said…
Sounds like your creative brain is buzzing away.

I'm intrigued about your foray into pendants.
collage whirl said…
You definitely have a plan--no idea what your secret project is! Can't wait to see though :-)
donauluft said…
Don´t do that Paul! I am a gamer by nature, and now my brain is working........what about a slight hint in the right direction?....what material? ..wood, iron..both..?
sarala said…
I love it that your vases have picked up so well. I think they are amazing. I'd be very excited to see what kind of jewelry you come up with.
andrea said…
Excellent post. So glad you have reached a state of equilibrium and that sales are consistent. Looking forward to your surprise!
donauluft said…
Sorry for the missing a in your name...
paula said…
no clues viktoria :) when you see it really you will hit your head with the palm of your head and go DUH!!!
Cynthia said…
Nanner, nanner, I know what it is! ;-D

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