Friday New Art Finds: dolinje

Grebe - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original by dolinje

  Swordfisher - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original

Tiny - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original

 The First One - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original

A few months ago I found an artist online from Croatia.  He makes 'junk fleet ships' which I personally find irresistible.  It's a case of, if i had the money if I had the home to decorate, his ships would be on my walls.  They are brilliant, complicated, simple and exude a playfulness that keeps them from dipping into pretension. 

I decided to post his work on my Friday New Art Finds as a way to jump start myself back into sharing artists I love each Friday.  Please visit his shop and check out his work, it is not often I see an artist on Etsy who is 'pure'.  Below I have copied one of his item descriptions which gives you an idea about his work:

I created these ships using pieces spitted from the sea which I collected on the island Iž in North Dalmatia. In that way I react ecologically: cleaning the beach and the sea where my kids swim and produce something at least interesting.

Picking up those pieces I just can imagine who throw it away and also in which situations.Playing with and observing that things between my fingers I have realized that it is a clean garbage. It was hardly washed in a sea tumbled numerous times. On the land it has been burned under the sun for days, months or years. Those processes change their origin shapes and colors. Disassembled and ruined now they got a new look. Mounted in forms of ships with a new purpose they begin to live a new life.But it is still about garbage, waste and pollution.

Why ships? It is man's first connection with the sea. Only by a boat or a ship the man is able to explore, to feel and know the sea. Pieces were not particularly designed or treated in any way. I was using used materials like nails, wire, strings and cords for assembling. The ships are named in old fashioned way which is very common in Dalmatia - there are descriptive adjectives for special shape, color, manner, etc. A hook and an old part of a wood are examples of exposing. 

You can also find some inexpensive 'functional' art on his site, brilliant as well...key chains made from ski's and snowboards.  Each one is unique, one of a kind.  I always respect an artist who can create a wonderful, functional design, these key chains do just that.

Snow-lover original keychain TE


donauluft said...

HaHa, it seems we love the same raw things...
Yes his work is great ! full of adorable details.
..I´m used to spend some time every year in Croatia, and I know the places, this artist finds his treasures, well.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I would sooo covet one of his ships. (throwing herself to the ground and crying bullets of tears because she cannot buy the whole fleet). But maybe a keychain--hey, that is a brilliant idea! Loved this post, Paula!

don juan said...

Paula, I'm shocked, you're crazy, but please, be my maaanaaagerrr!!!
If it's needed I'll even die just to help you? :)))
hey donauluft, thanks for your comment - there'll be less crowded on Adriatic next summer!hahahhhhaaahhhh Where do you go on holidays?
Dawn of LaTouchables, I'm sharpening my saw expecting your order...
take care girls

paula said...

i wont stop until you have had your first sale on etsy !!!!!
you work is so good....and not overpriced..it is just a matter of time. i'm glad you are pleased you are here...as you can tell, we love what you do!

paula said...

ps dawn you made me laugh...'crying bullets'.

Poetic Artist said...

Just found your blog. So I had to follow..It is wonderful.

paula said...

thank you katelen :)

Teo said...

Wow, I love his work. I saw it on Etsy before, so unique! I'm always afraid good artists might get discouraged by Etsy crowd and close their shops before sales really kick in, but I'm glad he got his first one already!