still kicking around the kickstarter. now that i gave myself permission to not do it i can sit back and think about it.  the timing was just awful.  should have done it in september or october at the latest. november and december are months to sell what you have made, not divert funds to something you haven't made.  and in hindsight i'm glad i didn't because i get that i need a project that is 'new'.  to want that cold cut tool to keep making vases is good but it isn't exciting or as interesting as a 'new thing'.  to most people the pipe vases are going to look and act NO differently.   i will be the only one to notice that i didn't work hours more cleaning up the melted ends of the pipe.

so.  i have a little experiment going which i'm going to keep mums about.  i tried it this weekend and suffice to say i like it and i do in fact need that tool to pull it off.  with the abrasive saw it just melts the metal too much to successfully create my new idea. this is good.  i can take my time and work on this and meanwhile sell vases and other artwork over the holidays and maybe buy my own grinder and not need quite as much for the kickstarter project.  hell if i sell enough i wont need kickstarter. 

it feels good to be itching to start new things.  i keep saying i'm done with the vases and going to make flowers but so far that has not happened.  i keep finding 'ready mades' and just a few more christmas colored pipes that will be perfect for vases.  i keep thinking i gotta do all i can now while its still semi warm and sunny out.  now that its dark at a ridiculous time (thank you daylight screwup time) i have less outdoor work time as i like it when all the work people leave at 5 and i can use the extra parking space for my table/tool set up.
i am way behind on taking pictures of new vases.  way behind on everything.  even though we dont get lots of snow here in texas like we did in vermont, it is still winter.  its still gloomy feeling and hard to get the arse out of first gear.  last week kind of threw me off too.  time to jump back on track and stop wasting time. 

ps. i know my blog is still challenging to look at.  i keep messing with little things like link color etc. and have to admit right now the blurry rainy background feels better than just a boring white background.  hopefully you aren't grossly distracted. 


collage whirl said...

Change is good. You have shaken up your blog, it's good for you and good for us too :-)

Karen said...

stinkin' winter! So we get an extra hour of um, what, twilight? yep. Like that daylight screwup time thing ;) and the new look blog is good. Making vases is good too. Selling is even better!

paula said...

yeah...its good. i like it right now and i'm sure i will change it again :) glad it isn't bothering you two.

haha karen i could bitch about this time thing more but hey come winter equinox we gain a minute a night hahahaha