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falling flowers, master gardener and angel show

Well I think I am almost done making vases for the year.  I have about 28 vases on my etsy shelf.  I keep them separate so I dont confuse myself.. To the left is my shelf of yet to be listed/photographed vases, as well as the bunches in the other photos below (and some others i just didn't bother snapping a picture of today)

I've started making more rebar flowers, but that is slow going as it is obviously a more creative endeavor than cutting pipes and readying them as vases.  This weekend is a 'falling flowers' event at the local art center. I deposited 12 vases with my puzzle flowers/buds and some of tod's bottle cap flowers.  Then on Sunday I will remove some of them and lug about 30 vases to a master gardener gathering in Conroe, Texas that my friend Cynthia has invited me to.  I gather they have talks for the Master Gardeners and this year they decided to set up some tables and offer handmade items for sale.  It's a few hours to show and sell some vases and is inexpensive to partake in.  After that I will start listing these on etsy.  My only other 'event' is the Huntsville "Angel Show' which I participated in last year. (thanks to cynthia once again!)  This year she got some nice postcards made up and we are hoping for an even better turn out than last year!

 So, I'm sure the next 7 weeks will fly by. I'm already planning to make new works for 2011.  I think the vases will take a small rest.  I'd like to do more with pipes and that hinges upon that cold cut tool.  I'm sure Santa wont be able to stuff that into my stocking but we will see.....


donauluft said…
Busy you! wish you lots of sales!
Kendra Zvonik said…
Love seeing how you have yourself organized--cool!
Hey, if you ever want some tags for these types of events let me know! I'd be happy to give you some free as promotion or whatever.
xo kz
Colleen Kole said…
This is a super sweet post. I love the pics and the way you have organized yourself for the next 7 weeks. What great show ideas.
paula said…
thanks viktoria and colleen!
and kendra, i will take you up on that ;)
collage whirl said…
So this is what you've been planning for holiday sales! Smart you--hope you sell tons :-)
ArtPropelled said…
Paula you have worked soooo hard! Such an accomplishment to get ahead of yourself on such a big scale. Allow yourself to create arty flowers for the sheer joy of it. You deserve to let your imagination run riot.

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