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old and new

saturday is the angel show here in huntsville. this year it coincides with the huntsville christmas show on the square. they didn't do that last year..i fear we have competition! hopefully people will see the fliers and postcards about town and come visit because we will have lots of home made goodies as well as handmade works of art.

i have a secret new item coming up which i need to finish, test out and hope to unveil at market on saturday. it is an obvious choice that i doubt will surprise anyone when they see it.  in fact, i am sure if you put any thought to it you would be able to guess what it is.  any guesses?

having an online store and being the one in charge of when you need to change product is a little different than having art in a gallery.  in a gallery they let you know time is up and what else do you have.  they tell you no more of that and when do you have new? they decide what they want. not you.  i started my etsy store because the galleries liked/sold my mix…

more vases comin at cha

Found Object Vase, 2010
Found Object Vase, 2010

Found Object Candle Holder, 2010

gotta say, been having a good time taking pictures of my remaining vases of the year.  i plan on making just a handful more (some are christmasy in character and keep selling out so i will replenish that stock as well as some special order vases)
snuck in a new candle holder see photo above.  i am in love with that piece.  i love that i have no clue or desire really to know what it once was.  all i know is it is now a candle holder, bone like in shape, feel....something i would love on my table if i had a table.  but you know me, i like making things but dont really want much right now.
will keep loading new vases on etsy as i still have 80 or so ready to go. for anyone interested, i do have more white birches , more blue vases, more texas praries, more blue speckled sparrow eggs, more big reds, and on and on.  its all about the vases obviously.  least for right now :)

Friday New Art Finds: dolinje

Grebe - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original by dolinje Swordfisher - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original Tiny - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed Original The First One - JUNK FLEET - Wall Sculpture Signed OriginalA few months ago I found an artist online from Croatia.  He makes 'junk fleet ships' which I personally find irresistible.  It's a case of, if i had the money if I had the home to decorate, his ships would be on my walls.  They are brilliant, complicated, simple and exude a playfulness that keeps them from dipping into pretension.

I decided to post his work on my Friday New Art Finds as a way to jump start myself back into sharing artists I love each Friday.  Please visit his shop and check out his work, it is not often I see an artist on Etsy who is 'pure'.  Below I have copied one of his item descriptions which gives you an idea about his work:

I created these ships using pieces spitted from the sea which I collected on the island…

rebar flowers

so last weekend i finished making a batch of rebar flowers for the flower show.  i didn't get a chance to take 'good' photos...but here is what i did manage before whisking them off.  i  had so much fun making these, i can't even tell you!  of course i feel like i need more 'fun' baubles...more color, more cool shapes.  not sure where i will find such things but now when i go to the scrap yard i pretty much ignore the 20 ft high stack of pipes and gaze at the minutiae, the crumbs if you will, that are left at the other blob of trash that is what i call the home and garden section. ie: broken toys, broken yard machinery and household crap.  not much to pick from but i'm there stooping, digging through more nastiness just to find a little round wheel....something tiny and unusual.

i sure do get excited when i find auto stuff on the roadside.  i really like gas caps.  and i like the round black rubber auto parts that inexplicably just fall off of vehicles and f…


So Saturday was the Falling Flowers event at the Wynne Home Arts Center here in Huntsville.  I had my vases there with flowers that both myself and Tod have made.  There was a great crowd and I didn't recognize anyone!  My vases were on the dining tables and honestly, I didn't even notice them so I dont know if anyone else did.  I'm cool with that.  I wasn't the highlight of the evening, it was Lorrie, the volunteer at Wynne home who had her now deceased friends poems translated and published as well as Kristie's Chinese Dinner that took center stage.  And musicians and poetry reading.  I snuck in the next day and removed half of the vases to then gallop off  yesterday to a master gardener event in Conroe.  (post below).

That too was not really 'my thing'.  I wasn't a master gardener and I know by now that my 'art' is not really something that is going to fit into most homes and thus far, in texas, that number is minimized even more.  I get it a…

falling flowers, master gardener and angel show

Well I think I am almost done making vases for the year.  I have about 28 vases on my etsy shelf.  I keep them separate so I dont confuse myself.. To the left is my shelf of yet to be listed/photographed vases, as well as the bunches in the other photos below (and some others i just didn't bother snapping a picture of today)

I've started making more rebar flowers, but that is slow going as it is obviously a more creative endeavor than cutting pipes and readying them as vases.  This weekend is a 'falling flowers' event at the local art center. I deposited 12 vases with my puzzle flowers/buds and some of tod's bottle cap flowers.  Then on Sunday I will remove some of them and lug about 30 vases to a master gardener gathering in Conroe, Texas that my friend Cynthiahas invited me to.  I gather they have talks for the Master Gardeners and this year they decided to set up some tables and offer handmade items for sale.  It's a few hours to show and sell some vases and…


still kicking around the kickstarter. now that i gave myself permission to not do it i can sit back and think about it.  the timing was just awful.  should have done it in september or october at the latest. november and december are months to sell what you have made, not divert funds to something you haven't made.  and in hindsight i'm glad i didn't because i get that i need a project that is 'new'.  to want that cold cut tool to keep making vases is good but it isn't exciting or as interesting as a 'new thing'.  to most people the pipe vases are going to look and act NO differently.   i will be the only one to notice that i didn't work hours more cleaning up the melted ends of the pipe.

so.  i have a little experiment going which i'm going to keep mums about.  i tried it this weekend and suffice to say i like it and i do in fact need that tool to pull it off.  with the abrasive saw it just melts the metal too much to successfully create my ne…

point of no return

i finally hit the 'new template' design thing.
no going back now.
i hate this look but i am dizzy already after an hour of messing with color/background etc.
better i mess with the blog than something important....

now what. how about nothing!

have you felt like i'm ignoring my blog? well i have. aside from the usual suspects of other online social outlets, i was spending most of my online time working with and for the etsy team i had joined last spring.  sometimes i think something just must be in the air because this week has been the week i quit.  i quit my cleaning job.  i quit the team.  i think i quit something else but i dont remember. (oh, yeah i quit my kickstarter thing.)  it has taken me DAYS to go through my computer and get rid of everything that i was subscribing to and working on for the etsy team . 

i think i miss having all that stuff that i did for the team (voluntarily with great joy most times) but i can see how i was giving a lot of time away that perhaps will now be used for whatever it is that is next.  as with all things, rarely is it just one thing that makes you quit, rather a culmination of things form and then one day you realize it is just one too many and you are done. several of us felt th…