kick me

i will admit it.  the pipe vase thing has totally taken over my existence.  i get angry if something comes up and i can't work on them.  i get annoyed if at 5 pm and the lighting is good outside and i can't get to my camera to go take pictures.  our loft is full of vases.  i trip over them.  they are lined up on every surface, on the floor, in boxes, in crates.  i've been toiling over the kickstarter project for two days almost non-stop and giving it every ounce of brain power i've got.  haven't even done the photo/video/whatever visuals that it needs.  my huge challenge is always to just make sense and not babble.  tod just now read over it and approves.  that says something.  i also just now heard back from the kickstarter people in regards to a question i had about my project and i think i can make it work.

you see, you have to have a real project.  it can't be just i need better tools... there kind of has to be some REASON, a 'project' that you want to launch in order to be accepted onto kickstarter.  its a stretch for me.  while tod and i have talked about renting my vases out (and if i EVER get enough flowers made those too) it isn't something that is going to happen any time soon.  the holidays are coming up and i'm going to have to focus on etsy and personal sales in the real world.  i'm still in that 'i need money to live mode' so i have to sell what i have NOW to buy food for tomorrow. so. i was feeling like it might be dishonest posting my project as needing better tools to start a rental business. its true i need those tools for that to happen but regardless of if i do the rental thing, i want better tools to make a better vase.  period.  so. the suggestion from them i will take into consideration and see if i can make this work. i gotta get on it because it will need to be up for at least 21 days and any longer and no one will care because they are going to be doing turkey day and buying christmas presents and who cares if paula gets a better tool?  least, that is my thinking.

the other thing that im still grappling with is just the donation/offer thing.  i could sell my blue limited edition kickstarter vases for x amount on my own and while i wouldn't make the $$ i need for an $800 cold cut saw and the $150 carbide blade or the $100 grinding tool and the $200 or $200 in supplies...i would have money i could save for it.  if i do kickstarter i wont be selling the vases for what they are worth. you see, if you haven't visited the site you 'get something' for your donation but it is not usually what the item is worth (its less).  while i know i have avid fans...i dont think i have ENOUGH of you to reach the $$ goal.   hopefully i would get strangers on kickstarter which is the only reason to do it in the first place.  if i don't reach my goal, i dont get the money, period. they take about 5% and amazon takes about 5% and then i have to ship the vases out of pocket.  so if i ask for a donation of $55 and send you a vase that you could buy from me on etsy for $35 will you get that the kickstarter thing is all about 'donating' and helping someone and you getting something in return but not an equally valued thing?  then lets not talk about all of the mad shipping i'm going to have to do when the project is over and i have 50 vases to ship (i've got 25 aluminum vases for donations too).  my whole goal is to make life a little bit easier....this feels like a lot of work and i'm still questioning the best way to achieve my goal.  back in the day, $1,400 was something i could make in a week if had to.  now it takes me two or three months and thats all going to rent. it feels incredibly annoying how hard each dollar seems to come to me, but thats where i'm at and at least i AM mostly doing what want to do. (which is probably why money is such an issue)

it kind of boggles my mind.  i know i'm not doing anything nearly as useful/fun or exciting as what i think others on kickstarter do.  tod kind of disagrees.  but he is biased i think.....
anyhow. i'm almost there i think. almost done with all the wording of the 'donations' and now will have to reword my project and then figure out some little entertaining visual blip while i try to sound alive and fun and babble on about what i'm doing.  I LOVE MY VASES.  i love my flowers...I DIG WHAT I'M DOING yet i can't believe strangers are going to care.  it is a lot of work this kickstarter thing.  it is very tempting to just sell my vases on my own.  ugh.

push push push push push
i feel like i'm insane doing all of this sometimes.


Kim Hambric said...

How do people find out about Kickstarter? Is it all up to you to promote your product and your goals? I'm not sure I understand the whole kickstarter thing (my fault, no doubt).

Is there anyone who has been through the process who can give you some encouragement (or discouragement)?

I wish I could wave a magic wand and have everything fall into place for you. If I had one, I'm sure I would have waved it over myself by now.

paula said...

they find out about it through self promotion mostly. if i were to do a project i would get in their search system, i suppose i might be listed on the front page a bit who knows.
i realized this morning i need to put this on hold. and i feel good about it. :)
things not working out are also part of things falling into place. hows that?