its true

once you get a bunch of art buddies on facebook and fun fans to banter with, blogs die a bit.  and now that i've gotten a tumblr site i find i have more fun just sharing things that i see and being satisfied with that.  i forget i have a blog sometimes.  maybe i also think people might be tired of hearing about vases.  the vases.  the vases.  boss the vases!

if you can excuse the hideous lighting/color, here is a photo of my vases in public.  today i marched over a few buildings to the one nice place in huntsville.  facemakers.  it is a salon.  hair, facials, massage etc.  its classy inside.  so nice in fact that i bought some fall themed, artificial flowers so the vases dont look too scary and promptly got to place them near the front door on the nice display case.

it was nice to hear the exclamations from the workers there...they always walk by and see me out in the parking lot cutting stuff and looking like a dirty mongrel;  i think they were pleasantly surprised to see me show up looking relatively normal and getting a clue what it is i've been doing.  (who knows what they thought i like to think they thought that)

so.  next i might try a little flower shop the scrap dude told me about.  just sprinkle a few about town and keep pushing on.  the next batch of vases probably wont see etsy for awhile. dont want to clog it up too much but if anyone is dying to know what i have and wants info let me know.  you know how to reach me right?  a zillion ways.

thanks for tuning in if i still have any blog readers left!


Kim Hambric said...

Yep. I'm primitive. I still read blogs.

Those vases look FANTASTIC on that counter. Wheee!

andrea said...

Love the new blog banner. And I don't really even know what Tumblr is yet. Must investigate (nooooo!!!).

cobaltika said...

i still like blogs! they are more personal. and i like yours a lot! of course i like my tumblr and yes, i admit it, facebook. and the vases. i hope you are still making them next year when i move to Texas and have a few extra $$! i'm so glad they are doing well for you.

paula said...

andrea....no excuse i have posts automatically go there not on fan page you should check it out.

cobaltika...you moving to TEXAS? why? when? where? :)
thanks for giving me hope for more sales in the future ;)

Ellen said...

vases look great! I love the idea of blogging, but the effort not so much. Tumblr seems like eye candy, easier than blogging and more substance than twitter, maybe that's the way to go or is it all sharing links?

ArtPropelled said...

Never tired of hearing about your vases. It's all part of the creative buzz around you. Your vases look perfectly at home at the salon with the brick backdrop.
I've been avoiding Tumblr ..... Too many distractions as it is.... but maybe a few peeps.

Karen said...

The vases look wonderful of course! I still read the blogs and on occasion put something on my own...I just need more free time!! Love hearing how your art is finding its way in the world.

Colleen Kole said...

There you are. Yes, I still read blogs. I also love hearing about your vases. Your vases look great there. Keep it up.

paula said...

elle, it is eye candy but plenty of people really blog. HEY KICKSTARTER has their blog on tumblr :) lots of content. i just choose eye candy to follow right now as well as post eye candy. i need a break from information ya know? and i like that people do share a lot of links, feels very interactive without having to 'friend' someone and 'get permission' etc etc.
and you dont have to allow that if you dont want it but i say the more marketing we give each other the better.

thank you robyn, i never get tired of your support and encouragement :)

karen and colleen, i'm glad you still read my blog :) i still read yours! thanks for being happy about my vases and not getting tired of them!

Angela Recada said...

Well, if it matters, I'm still glad you blog. I still prefer it over FB, where things tend to get lost if you don't catch them at the right time.

Your vases look fabulous. I love them on that gorgeous display case against that brick wall. Very nice!

I REALLY like what you've been posting on Tumblr, but I don't know much about it yet, either.

paula said...

cool!! i just posted on fanpage i hope its not annoying i'm posting my tumblr posts there. i love sharing! glad you like those posts :)

it was confusing for me [tumblr] and you can have it more blog like with written word etc. i just feel like its time to do the work and stop talking so much , freeing to just post photos and not need verbal responses etc. you will love it angela...you can have pages and more people will see it than you can imagine! maybe mother earth might visit :)

Angela Recada said...

Tumblr is visually gorgeous - so I do like that. I'll look into it.
Right now I can't imagine yet another place to post stuff and LOOK at stuff. I'm on the computer way too much already.