get it

i get it now.  i get the project thing and i get what i need to do.  i need to NOT do this particular kickstarter project because it really isn't a 'project'.  and i needed to feel excited and ready to do this thing and i didn't.  the more i read the letter a kickstarter staffperson sent me when i brought up my dilemma the more i see i will need to do something else.

and i now have given myself permission to let go of this and look forward to something else that IS kickstarter worthy.  and that wont be until after the holidays so i have time to work on this 'new thing' and take the proper time that i need to do it right. 

so.  its all about the vases and flowers this month and december i hope to start some prototypes of my new idea, present them to you guys and see if they are a hit.  if so, i'm all over kickstarter after the new year! i'm glad i allowed myself to not do something that i was feeling trepidation about.  it was uncomfortable and as always you really do wonder if you are being a puss.  i think based on how i feel right now, i was being true to myself.  thats a good thing.


Who you callin' housewife? said...

Sounds good, Paula!

andrea said...

Absolutely. Learning when to let go is as important as learning what to start and see through.

ArtPropelled said...

Gut feelings are usually accurate so I'm sure you have done the right thing Paula. In the new year you will find you have been subconsciously (and consciously) mulling over things and will have a good idea of how to go about it. This happens to me time and time again.