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drowning in vases

well for anyone who isn't a fan on facebook, i thought i'd update it that i did get approval from kickstarter to do a 'project'!  i initially thought i could make the project me needing a new machine but realize it has to be a bit more 'interesting' so while it feels premature, i went ahead and wrote down my project idea for why i need a new tool to cut these pipes for my vases.  of course soon as that is done i will post a link here.

i'm in some sort of oblivion right know when you have 100 things to do and you end up doing a little here and a little there and lose your momentum? thats how i feel right now.  as you can see, we are up to our eyeballs (well our knees if you can see tods legs on the couch behind this shelf i found outside this weekend) in vases.  i thought this would be a good storage shelf for vases.  our place continues to be a pit beyond any previously experienced way of living i've ever lived.  i must have blinders on to be this obsessed with art/vases....i'm trading in all creature comfort so i can do this?  am i nuts?  apparently.

below are some vases i've been working on.  the green ones are finished save for applying a wax to the outside...something new i want to try with some of the 'duller' colored vases or ones with outside rust.  these are amazing at 20" and 12", great vases for alongside a staircase or front entrance.  i'm going to hold onto these for a bit, i am getting quite a nice collection of square vases going and might show them next month.  note the beautiful black and adobe ones below too.

so. its all about the vases AND flowers.  while you haven't seen many of those; what little i make goes out there in the world to be seen.  mostly i'm trying to get these beautiful blue vases finished.  yesterday while digging around in my stock i found one more blue pipe so i cut that up and will have 20 or so instead of the 15 i thought i had.  these will all be for kickstarter donations as well as a few other pipes. i would imagine by next week i should have that done, so far this week is all about getting art in for the puzzle solo show (last set of eyes being attached as i speak on the mystic), working on flowers for said show as well as a show next week AND cleaning.  joy joy

i'm scattered and not feeling as in touch with online peeps/world.  forgive me if i'm self absorbed.  my head is stuck in a pipe or some such thing.


andrea said…
Love the photo -- especially Tod's knees and book peeking up. Seriously, you are nuts. That's called Being An Artist. You are living in the moment which is all good. Don't overanalyze!
paula said…
yeah the poor little guy has a cold. he's down for the count. yeah you are right, just be with it. :)
donauluft said…
WOW! the colors are getting more and more bright! Love the turquoise square vase!
Don´t worry, creative living always is a kind of construction area!
Good luck for your project!
Karen said…
my husband has always said artists are nuts...Love those square ones and wow! Great colors!!
sarala said…
Like the square green vase! The whole thing sounds good to me.
Shoot a square green vase next to a cornflower blue one. That's a little project to concentrate on getting the head out of the pipe. :-) Paula, some of your photos are brilliant enough, especially of your pipe compositions and flowers, they would make brilliant photos. You could (excuse me for thinking aloud), try and sell those too.
paula said…
yeah dawn its been suggested...i'm trying to sell a few images right now (not vases though) on etsy. the jpeg images....having more prints made, aside from the time and expense, and storage issues, just feels like too much. but thanks for the thought!

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