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'Aspens' detail shots

Per the post below, I'm selling these vases from the blog as I do not have the time to take 'proper' etsy listing photos, edit and upload them.  The Thundercloud Blue vases are selling, I will know later in the day how many I have left and take pictures.  As too have the Adobe sold.  Pictures coming of them as well.  Many of you have purchased vases from me on Etsy.  You can rest assured I will take the same care and speed when it comes to shipping your purchase. You can 'convo' me via my etsy shop, leave a comment here, leave one on facebook fan page (this blog post gets automatically posted there), or email me if interested.  I can give you sizes and prices.  Thanks for being open to me selling this way this isn't how I prefer to do business but for right now it's a temporary solution until I know which vases I am going to use for real life markets/shops vs online etsy shop.

* note that vase #1 has a jagged top as opposed to a smooth rim.  and #6 has a cut off where another pipe jutted out.  all of these are waterproof and ready to go!  All of the vases are CLEAN and I have ground down rough spots. 

Vase size starting from left to right:
#4 is 8.5"
#5 is 7.5 SOLD
#3 is 8  SOLD
#1 is 7.5
#2 is 7
#6 is 8
all are approx 1 3/8" diameter


Kendra Zvonik said…
Love this series, Paula! The name is perfect.
paula said…
San said…
These are up my alley, Paula. Sorry I've been away so long--life, etc. Love these vases and the ones scrolling on the Etsy widget too.
paula said…
all i have to do is think of you san and i swear....a day later if not sooner THERE YOU ARE :)
thanks for the feedback :)
glad you are still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
San said…
Oh no, I hope you don't have some Special Power that enables me to appear at your mental command. Wander over to my place one of these days and let me know what you were thinking about me when I showed up... were you thinking good thoughts? Or were they evil? I certainly hope it's the latter.

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now i remember another reason i stopped blogging...i have been dickering around with trying to upload 2 photos with links and captions for longer than i should.  much easier to just do it elsewhere.
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