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get it

i get it now.  i get the project thing and i get what i need to do.  i need to NOT do this particular kickstarter project because it really isn't a 'project'.  and i needed to feel excited and ready to do this thing and i didn't.  the more i read the letter a kickstarter staffperson sent me when i brought up my dilemma the more i see i will need to do something else.

and i now have given myself permission to let go of this and look forward to something else that IS kickstarter worthy.  and that wont be until after the holidays so i have time to work on this 'new thing' and take the proper time that i need to do it right. 

so.  its all about the vases and flowers this month and december i hope to start some prototypes of my new idea, present them to you guys and see if they are a hit.  if so, i'm all over kickstarter after the new year! i'm glad i allowed myself to not do something that i was feeling trepidation about.  it was uncomfortable and as always…

kick me

i will admit it.  the pipe vase thing has totally taken over my existence.  i get angry if something comes up and i can't work on them.  i get annoyed if at 5 pm and the lighting is good outside and i can't get to my camera to go take pictures.  our loft is full of vases.  i trip over them.  they are lined up on every surface, on the floor, in boxes, in crates.  i've been toiling over the kickstarter project for two days almost non-stop and giving it every ounce of brain power i've got.  haven't even done the photo/video/whatever visuals that it needs.  my huge challenge is always to just make sense and not babble.  tod just now read over it and approves.  that says something.  i also just now heard back from the kickstarter people in regards to a question i had about my project and i think i can make it work.

you see, you have to have a real project.  it can't be just i need better tools... there kind of has to be some REASON, a 'project' that you want…

'Aspens' detail shots

Per the post below, I'm selling these vases from the blog as I do not have the time to take 'proper' etsy listing photos, edit and upload them.  The Thundercloud Blue vases are selling, I will know later in the day how many I have left and take pictures.  As too have the Adobe sold.  Pictures coming of them as well.  Many of you have purchased vases from me on Etsy.  You can rest assured I will take the same care and speed when it comes to shipping your purchase. You can 'convo' me via my etsy shop, leave a comment here, leave one on facebook fan page (this blog post gets automatically posted there), or email me if interested.  I can give you sizes and prices.  Thanks for being open to me selling this way this isn't how I prefer to do business but for right now it's a temporary solution until I know which vases I am going to use for real life markets/shops vs online etsy shop.

* note that vase #1 has a jagged top as opposed to a smooth rim.  and …

three new batches

I'm finishing up three batches of vases with four more crates of pipes to finish.  I dont plan on uploading any to etsy at the moment as I'm going to try my luck in the real world at a few gift shops.  The three vases that I put into the hair salon (see post below) have been well accepted and I sold one on friday!
Makes me think I will put more out there if people are interested as well as a few local market/show type opportunities coming up in November.

Have no fear, I am still going to attempt the kickstarter thing SOON SOON SOON and I will post more on etsy closer to the holidays.  In the meantime, if you are interested in any of these you may purchase them directly from me via PayPal or check.  I don't have the time right now to take photos/edit/upload new listings to etsy so I'm going to post them here right quick.  Leave a message, email me...facebook fan page me...if you want them I'm here with boxes and tape in hand.

Here is what I have:

Thundercloud Blue.  S…

its true

once you get a bunch of art buddies on facebook and fun fans to banter with, blogs die a bit.  and now that i've gotten a tumblr site i find i have more fun just sharing things that i see and being satisfied with that.  i forget i have a blog sometimes.  maybe i also think people might be tired of hearing about vases.  the vases.  the vases.  boss the vases!

if you can excuse the hideous lighting/color, here is a photo of my vases in public.  today i marched over a few buildings to the one nice place in huntsville.  facemakers.  it is a salon.  hair, facials, massage etc.  its classy inside.  so nice in fact that i bought some fall themed, artificial flowers so the vases dont look too scary and promptly got to place them near the front door on the nice display case.

it was nice to hear the exclamations from the workers there...they always walk by and see me out in the parking lot cutting stuff and looking like a dirty mongrel;  i think they were pleasantly surprised to see me show…

drowning in vases

well for anyone who isn't a fan on facebook, i thought i'd update it that i did get approval from kickstarter to do a 'project'!  i initially thought i could make the project me needing a new machine but realize it has to be a bit more 'interesting' so while it feels premature, i went ahead and wrote down my project idea for why i need a new tool to cut these pipes for my vases.  of course soon as that is done i will post a link here.

i'm in some sort of oblivion right know when you have 100 things to do and you end up doing a little here and a little there and lose your momentum? thats how i feel right now.  as you can see, we are up to our eyeballs (well our knees if you can see tods legs on the couch behind this shelf i found outside this weekend) in vases.  i thought this would be a good storage shelf for vases.  our place continues to be a pit beyond any previously experienced way of living i've ever lived.  i must have blinders on to be …