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so have you all seen or heard about  i've been aware of it for months now and want to do a kickstarter of my own.  you see, this pipe/vase thing has been a boon for me.  i've sold over 60 vases since july.  i've got my vases in the local art center and know if i can get my shit together i could be getting vases and flowers out there on a much larger scale.  what takes me so long is that i have a hot cutting machine.  my chop saw melts the metal.  the blades almost dissolve into nubs and i'm always buying blades and then spending hours deburring the vases.  the vases are not always perfect, which is what i'm all about but i would like them to be better.  you see, when you cut the metal at a high speed with a regular saw you melt the metal and then you have to grind it off.  its hit or miss, hope you make it even.  some of my vases have that paula wahla wobble. not huge. not bad.  with water in them you probably wouldn't notice.  but it drives me NUTS and its just messy, toxic and laborious doing all this when i could be using a machine that cold cuts, uses a carbide blade that you just sharpen instead of replace ($150 a blade).  and i need a new grinder machine.  mine almost flies off the table and the thing is a home made archaic device made by an old man in vermont.  suffice to say i'm ready to up the ante and make a better product at a faster rate and maybe make more than min. wage.  i can't charge what those vases are really worth in time/materials but if i had better equipment not only would my back be happier, i could maybe make more/better and a slight profit.  that would be nice ya?

so.  hopefully i can get it together and do this in the next few weeks.  the biggest challenge is having to talk or videotape myself.  being dysmorphic means i'm traumatized when i hear or see myself.  but oh do i want better tools....maybe i can make this thing and not have to ever look at it or hear it. ya think?  i feel sick looking at my hand over there for gods sake. art always makes me do things i would NEVER DO otherwise.  gotta love that right?  anyhow thats what is going on, the new plan for some ease and sanity.  will let you know when and if i've actually done this as i have a limited collection of blue vases that will be sold specifically for this kickstarter thing as well as other art.  in the meantime, i've got 40 more vases to work on and i'm out of my aluminum bottoms!  the scrap dudes keep promising the roofer guy will bring it in as he does every month... i shall wait. better to buy used than new.


...a nice sight to behold, in a row like that, and almost like an ensemble of actors and actresses getting ready for their performance in a new owner's home.

donauluft said…
Go for the best equipment, Paula!
It´s a pleasure to work with perfect tools, on balance it is almost always more saving than wasting money!
paula said…
i'm sure you are right viktoria!
Lisa said…
WoW I love that photo!
Kim Hambric said…
Paula, seems like you've gotten some of the ideas down in words already. You CAN do this video. You believe in these vases (and more), you believe that you are an artist, I know its hard work -- but you seem to enjoy what you are doing. Give Tod a camera and let him go!

Get that video out of Kickstarter ASAP.
paula said…
i think so kim. i've decided to use photos, some video without ME in it and talk over it. at least in theory it sounds good. right?
Seth said…
Love that top shot!!

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