industrial flowers

simple and requires no feeding.  just how i like it.  rebar flowers in metal object vase  

i've got about seven found object flowers made, just starting...just now diggin in.  while tod's flowers are a bit more light and complicated looking, i seem to be drawn to the rebar and a more simple look right now.  

note the yellow 'bud' in there.  this is a five piece object that somehow all fit together seemlessly.

wild things

rebar, cork and found wheel

rebar, yellow cap, cork, champagne thingie and found wire


Kim Hambric said...

So cool! I love that bud!

donauluft said...

This project is so interesting and surprising!
wild things indeed!
Don´t worry about the market, your work needs maybe another place.....something like a gallery or museum shop...and of course etsy is a great option!

paula said...

thanks kim!
thanks viktoria. my work has been and is in galleries...i'm kind of trying to shift and be online more or more immediate with a market. the galleries seem painfully slow here and i agree, etsy is a great option :)
i think the interaction is almost as important than the sales sometimes. the gallery world has never been very fun.

ArtPropelled said...

Wow! I do love these and the photographs are wonderful too, especially the top one with the peeling wall.

sarala said...

Awesome and go great with your vases.

collage whirl said...

Loving your new work--and of course your styling!