here and there

nice surprise to find this piece sold in the Vermont gallery recently!  that was a photograph i took in the lower village of stowe, backside of a building/barn off of route 100.  the laminated photo is float mounted onto galvanized flashing.  i love that stuff and this piece had cool lettering on it the 'cop-r-loy'.  i took pastel chalk and smudged it onto the metal to blend with the photograph.  sure wish i had more of that flashing, not finding it here save for some terribly rusty pieces.

which leads me to my vases.  that is what i'd been using on the bottom of my pipe vases.  i lucked out recently and found aluminum scrap pieces that are even better than the flashing because i don't have to protect it against rust.  i've been told that it can corrode over time but the corrosion itself turns white to further protect itself.  saves me a little time too with cutting as it is easier to shape and less grinding means i'm not spending so long just getting the bottoms shaped to fit.

also, i recently picked up all of my work that had been in a gallery all summer.  sold a clock but none of the furniture or wall assemblages. i've posted two pieces of furniture on etsy as well as a few more clocks and vases.  back to the gallery....i had pretty much convinced myself i was over gallery exhibiting and will go pick up some more work that has been in another gallery and focus on online sales.  summer is dead here but also the types of galleries i've been in here haven't the traffic or art buyers that my work attracts.  vermont was so good to me!  if i could make more wall pieces they would gladly accept more, i'm just not in a place/space anymore for it.  having said that, one of the galleries wants to give me a solo show, highlighting all of my puzzle works (this will include my puzzle table and table sculptures)  i can't quite believe i'm going to go back into storage and dig through all my mess to get that work and drive 100 mi round trip twice (it wont all fit in one trip).  i think i'm gonna do it as a 'one more time' kind of thing.  if nothing sells could be time to auction work off.  i'm also seriously thinking about adding some found objects to the pieces to spruce them up in time for the show which is oct 8th.  i've got a week to get it done as they want the work by next wednesday.  it's a fantastic opportunity and always good to have work seen, shame on me for being a grinch about having to go dig through things to get it all. 

so life is still busy considering all i seem to do is clean a few apartments here and there and make art.  the days are long and filled, i'm still in push mode, not sure exactly what i'm doing or where i'm headed [art wise which is life wise] but something is telling me to go and dont stop!


NewDominionBlues said...

Your table reminds me of stacked books. :)

Cynthia said...

Having a show -- awesome! Need details!

donauluft said...

Congrats for selling that artwork!
great post to read, which leads me to your last sentence..: something is telling me to go and don´t stop!

I totally love that piece I had in my flickr fav´s today:
ready to go! means to me like : find a direction, go, and take some things with you, separated, (maybe very different things!...)...great artwork!
(...only my private interpretation!)
Good luck for your gallery selling!

paula said...

you will get details cynthia :)
thank you viktoria, i like what your interpretation is, thanks for sharing, i like!

Teo said...

Only good news! I'm so happy for you!! It's a great opportunity to get yourself out there. I think it's perfect that they want it so soon, it won't give you time to get too stressed about it :) I'm so excited for you!! xoxo

andrea said...

You are a busy beaver and I'm glad your summer turned out so well. I like to leave some of my languishing artwork in galleries just because I don't want to have to store it! (Clearly I have problems in that dept.) And I have no idea what this means: float mounted onto galvanized flashing.

paula said...

hanks teo, and i'm happy to say there is no stress on this one. nice setting, good people :)

andrea, float mounting is when you raise the piece away from the wall. in this case i floated the photo from the flashing. the galvanized flashing is the silver metal you see behind the photo.

paula said...

ps in case it isn't obvious, you raise it with wood (least that is how i do it)

Kim Hambric said...

Well, I have to say I'm the teenyist bit excited for your solo show. And, yeah, it will be a big pain in the butt getting it all together. Enjoy it!!!

Kendra Zvonik said...

yeah, girl! kickin' some art ass!
something is telling you to keep going? look at all this awesome support from your friends! we all want to see you succeed. do it paula!

paula said...

thanks kim i will enjoy it dammit!!!
yeah kendra, the support from you and others is the best gift of all. it's real and you can't buy that can ya? :)