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so have you all seen or heard about  i've been aware of it for months now and want to do a kickstarter of my own.  you see, this pipe/vase thing has been a boon for me.  i've sold over 60 vases since july.  i've got my vases in the local art center and know if i can get my shit together i could be getting vases and flowers out there on a much larger scale.  what takes me so long is that i have a hot cutting machine.  my chop saw melts the metal.  the blades almost dissolve into nubs and i'm always buying blades and then spending hours deburring the vases.  the vases are not always perfect, which is what i'm all about but i would like them to be better.  you see, when you cut the metal at a high speed with a regular saw you melt the metal and then you have to grind it off.  its hit or miss, hope you make it even.  some of my vases have that paula wahla wobble. not huge. not bad.  with water in them you probably wouldn't notice.  but it drives me…

foresight in hindsight

I finally added eyes to this guy.  Had I not made the puzzle sculptures this year I probably wouldn't have thought to do this.  The girl also has an eye and I'm working on the Mystic as well. Not sure if I will put an eye on the very first one I ever made, Mask On Blue Board.
Getting these ready to take in wed for the upcoming 'solo show'.  I have sold six of my puzzle works in the last few years and hoping to get some movement again with these.  I would make more if there appeared a real desire for them, they just take so long to do I can't see spending more time on them in my current living/life/art state.  People sure do love them when they are exhibiting but thats about as far as it usually goes.  I have found that art collectors are the ones who buy these.  Not sure how to find them...but maybe they will find me.  I'm happy to have finally taken good pictures of these two pieces.  They have been through many stages, at first I had them on the steel shelving…

here and there

nice surprise to find this piece sold in the Vermont gallery recently!  that was a photograph i took in the lower village of stowe, backside of a building/barn off of route 100.  the laminated photo is float mounted onto galvanized flashing.  i love that stuff and this piece had cool lettering on it the 'cop-r-loy'.  i took pastel chalk and smudged it onto the metal to blend with the photograph.  sure wish i had more of that flashing, not finding it here save for some terribly rusty pieces.

which leads me to my vases.  that is what i'd been using on the bottom of my pipe vases.  i lucked out recently and found aluminum scrap pieces that are even better than the flashing because i don't have to protect it against rust.  i've been told that it can corrode over time but the corrosion itself turns white to further protect itself.  saves me a little time too with cutting as it is easier to shape and less grinding means i'm not spending so long just getting the botto…

the case of the vase

I've been working harder than I've ever worked , artwise.  I've always worked hard and when I 'became an artist' I think I actually worked more time wise but less physical wise.  Since going full blast with my vases this summer I have felt at times like I am on some bizarre trip that is never going to end.  I can't for the life of me understand why I take so much pleasure in setting up all my crap out in the business parking lot, day in and day out lugging and hauling shit that always makes my back cringe, and doing basically the same thing over and over and over.  A few hours of cutting pipe, grinding all the sharp burrs and I'm toast.  And I feel good and tired.  The pipe thing blows my skirt up.  I dig it.  I can't get enough of it.  I'm like the little kid who eats mud pies or grass.  Did you ever know those kids when you were young?  They were missing some specific nutrients and got it in the dirt. I seem to be missing some elemental nutrients,…

industrial flowers

simple and requires no feeding.  just how i like it.  rebar flowers in metal object vase  
i've got about seven found object flowers made, just starting...just now diggin in.  while tod's flowers are a bit more light and complicated looking, i seem to be drawn to the rebar and a more simple look right now.  
note the yellow 'bud' in there.  this is a five piece object that somehow all fit together seemlessly.
wild things
rebar, cork and found wheel
rebar, yellow cap, cork, champagne thingie and found wire

i'm so clever

cynthia was next to me...she had a great sales day! yay!
yesterday i did an outdoor market.  tod went with and also participated in his first ever public market (other than the gallery opening earlier this summer).  we were next to my friend cynthia too.  it was intimate with just 9 tents or so total.  mostly painters.  one potter.  jewelry, stained glass and me.  it was kind of dead but i expected as much and no signs down the road so only drive by people caught the action.  this was the first time ever i've had no sales.  i had no sales earlier this year at my gallery show with tod and neighbor jared but a week later ended up selling work from the show as well as a large mixed media piece to the same woman last month so that wasn't a bust.  i'm hoping this will turn out the same....straggler buying.  one couple was interested in my 'big yellow' heavy vases and others liked the flowers tod and i made.  tod DID SELL a few flowers.  kids loved the puzzle and bottle …