i see found object flowers

consumed would be a good word to describe how i'm feeling these days.  consumed in a good way.  short of working on my wood assemblages earlier this year, the vases have been a journey that feels like it has only just begun. the vases are leading me to found object flower making; it only makes sense that i would want to put my own pieces into the vases right?  for as much as i love the metal flowers that i bought from an etsy friend i can't afford to keep buying them and i suppose even if i could i would still feel like i should be making my own flowers.

it's a scary thing for me.  FLOWERS. ironically i'm not really a flower person, maybe that is why i'm trying to make my own.  i love searching for things and here in texas with a heat index of 110 lately it isn't too hard to find bottle cap tops.  my personal favorites are the ones that have been tossed onto the blacktop and then run over and squished.  i also like automobile plastic so i walk around the auto shops and find interesting objects there as well.  i know i have a ways to go.  i'm still in vase mode and typically i prefer to have one thing i'm working on at a time.  true the vases don't take up as much creative power but they do take up space, time and energy.  my goal is to have at least 100+ vases ready for fall markets and holiday online shopping.  i'm almost half way there soon as the ones in the queue get finished.  the white ones in the picture below are DONE!  now i'm working on those cool crackly red and white ones.  the others have been cut but not cleaned/ground/painted or readied for affixing vase bottoms.  i've got a lot of work ahead of me.  i've still got a few hundred pounds of pipe sitting under the porch ready to cut....i'm gonna be a busy noisy neighbor in the coming weeks.

the best part of all of this is that Tod is also into making found object flowers!  he has been working on them all week and will post them in his new etsy shop today/tonight.  to celebrate we are going to have a give-away which i will post on my etsy blog.  tod will be giving away one of his newly designed flowers to be included FREE when you purchase the accompanying vase.  be sure and check in on my etsy blog later today to get the scoop!

this is just too cool that tod is into making flowers.  he is way ahead of me i think on design ideas and right now we are having a blast looking for materials to work with.  i found small pieces of rebar at the scrap yard last week which i used in the flowers shown at the top of this post. they are an obvious choice for stems.  we also got a ton of green strapping to be used as stems for lighter flowers. the possibilities feel endless right now.  yeah it's a little daunting, i've made some bottle cap flowers with cut cork that i really like but not so sure they are strong enough to put on etsy.  they are really simple and fun so i'm gonna keep working with them and see what happens.  not everything has to be some grand masterpiece right?  its supposed to be fun sometimes or else why bother!


collage whirl said...

What fun! Bet you two are having a blast coming up with creative ways to make a flower. I loved making my ikebana series, and think I might still have a couple more pieces left I can do. Can't wait to see your latest--nature rocks (get it)!

Great post--good for you Paula, getting some inventory built up :>)

donauluft said...

Hey super! It must be quite fun to discover various stuff
which can be used for flowers! I´m really looking forward to see it!
Then your vases will be an artistic synthesis!

ArtPropelled said...

A good idea to make flowers, Paula. The two in the photograph are wonderfully innovative. Great that you are both doing this together. It makes the hunting for found objects much more fun.

paula said...

appreciate the enthusiasm...yeah fun for tod and i to find things as usual. we've always loved doing that, just now its great cuz we are drawn to wanting to make the same subject now. can't wait to see what we come up with in the coming months.

andrea said...

I love those top two flowers, too, and I think filling pipe vases with found-object flowers is pure genius. I have a bowl on my counter to collect plastic lids and I have my kids on board. I will photograph what I have in a few days and see what types you want and what types you don't.

paula said...

oh yaya! can't wait, i can make exotic canadian flowers :)

Karen said...

These are great!!Now I want to go find stuff and make flowers too :) I think I have enough on my plate actually, but it does look like fun! The two in this photo are especially inspired! Love the yellow center in the daisy or aster like flower!!

paula said...

i love it karen :)
might you need a metal vase for them oh hell, have your husband cut you some pcv pipe and you are good to go.
thanks for the feedback. can't wait to see YOURS

deb said...

i remember someone telling me art can be fun, glad to see she's taking her own advice!!!