weighted down

i have three clocks i've never cared for but was nonetheless inspired to make.  its an odd thing, making something but not always being thrilled by it.  many times what i am thrilled by others aren't and visa versa.

having said that, if anyone is interested in this clock it is available via ebay auction.  if not sold i will take it to the scrap yard for what its worth in scrap (minus the clock movement of course). it's time to sell some works or get rid of it as much as i hate doing this i dont know what else to do with it all!

i've come to a point where i cannot keep holding on to all this art as it is weighing me down psychologically and well as physically.  while i doubt i will even recoup the money spent in making these works ($30 alone for welding and clock parts) i would hate to think i'm going to destroy something that someone loves but never felt they could afford. here is your chance! thank you for looking.

 3 day auction ends Jul 10, 10:57:42


Tod said...

My $.02: This clock is elegant. Don't be fooled by the description. I gladly paid $150-300 for each of the 10 Paula clocks I own and would eagerly snap this one up if I were allowed to. This burst of fickleness will leave someone very happy.

NewDominionBlues said...

I tend to agree with Tod. Minus the "fickleness." I saw this post earlier today and had so many thoughts I had to come back to it. I do understand the concept of having *too much* art/creations/inventory/junk around. I live in that world, too. But keep your chin up, and try not to connect the temporal excess of stuff with some cosmic reflection of your success. Or worth. Your standard pricing is already a great deal, considering the originality, the craftsmanship, and the inspiration that go into each one.

Michelle said...

That is a fantastic clock Paula and
I know that feeling so well,
about not being thilled of a creation,
but Time can change things!!!!

paula said...

i appreciate your comments here. thank you you guys.