pipe and mirror

while i haven't been working on any new pieces, nor collecting much in the way of materials...i was happy to bogard some pipe the other day.  the city tore down 2 buildings, one of which was the old fire department.  i was lucky enough to find this pipe in the rubble.  it accidentally followed me home one night. 

and the mirror stuff for those of you not privy to my facebook fan page (or god forbid you just forget to go there)....this is what i've been doing at the bone house.  i see mosiac SHARDS everywhere now in my everyday life.  its unsettling and i can only hope it goes away once i'm done with this bathroom.  its really a bit much for me but i get it.  the overall WOW effect does work and it is impressive the amount of work put into each and every room.  i think people will be visiting the bone house for years to come and it's an honor actually to be able to partake in the making of this vision.  i'm finishing up the door, then the floor and then the shower.  thankfully this time around the shower will NOT be in mirror, just broken tile. 

interesting,  i have been feeling all scattered lately and looking at how i've been spending my time its no wonder!


Kendra Zvonik said...

no doubt! constantly seeing your own shattered image as you work in a tiny, hot bathroom ... that really does something to your mind. thaNks for posting this pic- i'm not on fb and haven't seen these pics. i will join it soon, i guess.
bogard the pipe- hahaha. that's a way to put it. and it followed you home? another way to put it. you crack me up.
spurring you in my own way ... you're so lucky you found me! hahaha
have a great 4th, paula! xoxo kz

Teo said...

Wow indeed, Paula! The bathroom looks impressive, you have been doing a marvelous job! No wonder it takes such amount of work! I know how you feel when you say you see mosaic everywhere. One of the side effects of me working in conservation is that I notice gaps and cracks all around me, not only on walls or sidewalks but sometimes in the weirdest places like bark or bread crust. Unfortunately this habit does not seem to go away for me. Couldn’t you alternate between mirror and bone work by changing the room where you work from time to time in order to avoid boredom?

layers said...

that bathroom looks like a LOT of detail work--incredible. and I think it is great that pipes and whatnot follow you home-- new life for old stuff.

ArtPropelled said...

As you say.... no wonder you are feeling scattered. A lot of hard work ..... and a useful craft learned :-)
You could write a post solely on the second photograph. My nose has been pressed against the screen ... almost.Love the scrubbed peeling floorboards and all the rusty bits!

paula said...

kendra, ditto ditto ditto ;) i can't believe you aren't on fb. but then again you are 200% busy right now.

teo..weirdness about you seeing cracks everywhere. sounds like you got the disease permanently. as for the hot and hard...its all 'volunteer' and no one is making me do it. not much else there i can do, most is done and i dont have the skills or time to put in right now.

yes donna, it is. the whole place is detailed to the max. i'm used to it but when people walk in and 'see' it for the first time its fun to see their joy. dan has done an amazing job there.

okay robyn, i'm wondering how useful mosaic will be as i officially never want to do it again :)

merci33 said...

I'm boggled by what you create and this Bone House is over the top...I've been going back and back through the posts to try to find the beginning of it all and some info about exactly what it is and who will live there...I adore handmade houses and the BH has got it goin'on!!!

May you enjoy all the pieces and parts that have followed you home!

paula said...

unfortunately they haven't verbally documented the 'beginning'...but on flickr from the phoenix commotion blog you can click the link and see all the photos of all the places and on the website phoenixcommotion.com you can see/read all about dan :)