marketing or whatever you want to call it

I have been taking individual pictures of my most recent collection of waterproof pipe vases.  I was being a cheapskate and uploaded them all on etsy as one listing since it costs a whopping .20 for each listing. Since you only get 5 photos per listing I realized it might behoove me to have individual photos of all 11 so you can actually see the front/backs of each one, as well as what they look like grouped together.  It is amazing how much time I spend on my photo shoots.  I'm on day three,  well over 100 shots and 15 hours in editing time and I'm only happy with a handful of shots.  Lighting is key as is the backdrop.  I need to make it work in a studio space that right now, I'm embarrassed to say is barely even WALKABLE, let alone any free counter space.  I still think it is amazing how any artists do what they do.  Making art is EASY in comparison to all the other crap you need to do.  I'm learning to like it more, taking it as a challenge.  At least it makes me feel like I'm giving it all I've got.  You can't ask for much more. 

Marketing will always feel uncomfortable but I can at least know I'm trying.  The ceaseless posting of links to new works or new uploads on etsy or wherever sometimes worries me.  Are people getting sick of paula splattering her things here and there?  I am challenged most times to do it but I know there is ripple effect.  I'm not trying to inundate YOU as much as I am getting the work out there on the web.  I've been on etsy front page a lot lately and while I've not had direct sales, the ripple effect has been nothing short of stunning.  I am getting more feedback from people as far away as Australia.  From all sides of the united states.  People are positive and like what I have to offer.  It's important especially when trying times can tend to make you feel invisible and DONE.  I know that things are happening even if I'm not seeing any direct results.  Gotta believe it and keep trusting because otherwise I really would just walk away. 

so enjoy these...please.  Just look and enjoy eh?

All of my vases are for sale here.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Paula, I get where you are coming from. I am picky with photos too (these of your vases are stunning!). You go for the complete deal, and it is a whole lot of work, and sometimes the marketing part discourages me the most. Okay, I sometimes feel flattened. Because it's also the feeling of isolation in the studio as well. Isolation of ideas...trying to get them out there on the web seems almost insurmountable at times. I can only say you have a HUGE fan in me, and I appreciate every word you say, about the nature of things. Wish we lived next door to each other--hell, wish we lived on the same continent! :-D

paula said...

yeah and you use a human in your photo shoots...i can't even IMAGINE the plethora of images you take. you were part of my inspiration in the beginning..how you shot your bags and other works really inspired me to think outside the box. so thank you!
i wish too, i wish i could hop on a plane and go on bike rides with you :)
thanks for sharing your 'marketing' feelings too.

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I'm always impressed with your marketing abilities.

I'm so far behind. My computer skills suck. I have no idea whether my photography skills are up to snuff. I don't get any feedback about it.

Marketing. For me, its another name for brick wall.

Michelle said...

I feel you are on a really flow Way with your marketing! When I saw your first stunning Vase in your Shop,
I did get the feeling this will work!!!

andrea said...

Your photos are always really good so I think it's time well spent. I spend a lot of time on mine as well, especially since I have a lens and/or camera problem getting the horizon line straight! :) (A poor workman always blames his tools, heh.)

paula said...

kim, i think you've learned much and have your own unique way of getting out there. i see growth in you. i think if you were to get involved with treasuries on etsy you would bode well...people are great with feedback and if they dont like your photography they wont put you in many treasuries. those 'silly' treasuries have made a big difference in my work photo skills.

thank you michelle..and YOU, once again, another person who does admirable photo taking of your work!

i like that..a poor workman always blames his tools. and you remind me that taking photos for etsy is different than for websites but i still think its good to branch out and get rid of the plain white background. if we are trying to get our work into galleries then we know boring white background, but if we want JOE BLOW to buy our work they need to see it in a more livable way. me thinks....maybe not serious art collectors but then....they aren't buying my work online so who cares.

Teo said...

Paula, I always liked your photos and you should know you do have good skills! I love the photos you came with for the vases!
Just something else I have noticed that might be a better strategy - instead of making one single listing with x items in stock (which costs x times 20 cents!!), I think it's much better to list each item separately as for the same price you have the opportunity to exhibit more photos, get the FP 10 seconds several times and have more items in your shop which seems more diverse, etc...
I wish you were never worried with us getting sick of your work! I always look forward to see it with so much interest and I'm sure many of us, your blog readers, feel the same way.

paula said...

teo...UH DUH i just now figured that out. didn't even occur to me until i read this. good grief. being 'thrifty' doesn't always pay off.
thank you for sharing all that you have since the time we met, you have been a valuable source of support and inspiration. glad you arent sick of me yet :)

ZenDotStudio said...

Your work is gorgeous and your photos show that. I love this lovely rusty patina. They look like wonderful abstract pottery.

And I think it is a matter of "keeping on, keeping on". I think it just takes time for people to find you and exposure to build. Especially when you have such a lovely product. Know that it is worth keeping going!

paula said...

thank you zendot. how nice of you to float into my blog and leave that supportive comment. i appreciate it. keep on keeping on....