Clock Auction #2

Derailed, 2007
6.5 x 10.25

Here is a trusty handy tool to get your your auction at the last sec. even when you aren't home!

As promised, the 2nd auction.  This clock, Derailed, is up for bid starting at .99¢.  In case you missed last week's auction, let me remind you that right now I'm needing to unload some product both for physical space, emotional space as well as generate some income.  There is nothing wrong with this clock other than the fact I need to move product. 

This clock is strong, masculine...very rustic and actually one of my heavier pieces.  You will want to have it on a mantel, find the wall stud or hang it on a wood wall.  If you have cheap plaster walls and dont find the stud it might bring the house down!

 I want you to know I have no expectations, bid if you like it but please don't worry that I'm expecting a certain price or that I will be hurt if it goes for little.  I need to unload some work now and I'd rather have it to go someone who perhaps wouldn't otherwise afford it at the regular price.  If you know anyone who might like it please consider linking to my blog post, tweet it...facebook it, any word out is appreciated.  Thank you and happy bidding!


collage whirl said...

Naughty you--teaching people to snipe! Actually, that's pretty smart. I wish you all the luck with your clock-tions--you are inspiring me (for etsy, I'm not brave enough for ebay):-)

paula said...

actually tod informed me that sniping isn't so good for auctions for the seller..it doesn't encourage bidding. oh well. i like turning people on to things.
brave? ebay is a black hole that you never get seen on..etsy is much friendlier and others will market you. you wont find that on ebay.