big yellow

this is the front/back view of the newest pipe vase i have been working on.  i listed this on etsy as one pipe that you could customize the length you wanted it cut and someone wanted a 9incher and another person is taking the rest as an 8 and 9 in vase. the 'lip' is about 1/2 inch thick making this the biggest heaviest vase yet!   it challenged my chop saw in a BIG WAY.  i can already tell that if i want to be working on larger pieces once again i will have to wait for more space and more tools.  i didn't realize when i got this pipe that it would put such a strain on the motor let alone eat up the blade.  these pipes are such a bizarre thing...they remind me of ceramics.  and yet...i love that i didn't have to 'make' them.  they already existed. 

tod has a little video camera and saturday he got clips of me cutting this pipe as well as all the other steps i go through to get the finished product.  once i saw what it is i do to make these i realized i have invented my own little process and thats pretty cool.  i worry of course that a 'real metal worker' will see that video clip once tod gets it uploaded and think good god why is she doing all THAT?!?!  i think these pipes are bringing out some deep yearning to do more with metal.  i have no idea how that is ever going to happen, seems pretty far off but ya never know.  i got quite a compliment from a metal worker woman i met from etsy, she said these vases were 'simple and brilliant' and she wished she would have thought of it.  that blew my mind considering i really admire her work and she obviously knows a helluva lot more than i do about metal.  she lives in louisiana and said if i ever come by she'd teach me some things.  i'm on the fence about learning cuz if i dont do it i forget it immediately.  as usual, i always want more than i have.  always want to have the skills that seem beyond my reach.  constantly pushing and butting up against the limit of what i can do.  its a good thing but it also makes me feel like a wild fenced in animal that is always pushing against the wire straining to get out.  all those big pieces of metal i see at the scrap yard...those pieces i can't haul off let alone store...I WANT THEM.  i want to do things to them even if i have no way of doing them or knowing how.  i guess it is the dangling carrot that keeps me trotting down a path.


Jeana Marie said...

Love the yellow, and your illustrations for yourself and learning are stellar. I think that's a common struggle with artist's, maybe - the difference between your vision and what one can actually do. Hope your saw survives!


Martha C. Hall said...

Love the yellow vases. You've opened up a Pandora's box for yourself! I think it's a good sign as an artist to always want to reach a little further. Pushing the skills and ideas is a challenge.

paula said...

yeah that yellow is something special..cleaned up so nicely, had no idea it would be so BRIGHT!
and jeana, i hope i can meld my vision into reality one day.
yep martah, i think you are right about pandoras box :)