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planting seeds for growth

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suffice to say moving to huntsville has been a positive thing even if it feels much harder than almost any other time in my life.  i almost wonder how i can say that as i've had a hard life.  this is hard in a 'going towards health' way.  does that make sense?  typically when you are healing you have crisis.  how one knows the difference between that is usually unexplainable, you just know.  you just have to trust.  i'd say this is probably a healing towards the better because i think i'm learning how to communicate better. i'm being forced to and while i dislike it i know ultimately it will serve me in the future.

forced to deal with an auto mechanic who charged me a good amount and didn't fix the problem.
forced to deal with my own flub of refunding the wrong person on paypal and having to ask for repayment even though they aren't seeing the refund.
forced by dint of selling on etsy to deal with customers having requests…

what i have been doing for 3 days straight

here it is...
we left out a handful of 'steps'.  like scrubbing the insides with a wire brush and washing them.  like painting the five different coats of whatever it is i use on the insides... like attaching the bottoms etc etc.  first video tod has ever made and we decided no music or narrative.  its kind of funny if you turn on the volume and just listen to the machine noises.  we still haven't figured out how to make the transition faster for the end where we show a bunch of previous works.  oh hell...just make it a big screen sit back and take a break, it isn't that long.

i'm off to upload my first four skinny reds and four black and blues on etsy.  i have more coming just need to take more pictures and edit them.  hope you enjoy this, tod did a GREAT job of keeping me out of it just as i ordered!

big yellow

this is the front/back view of the newest pipe vase i have been working on.  i listed this on etsy as one pipe that you could customize the length you wanted it cut and someone wanted a 9incher and another person is taking the rest as an 8 and 9 in vase. the 'lip' is about 1/2 inch thick making this the biggest heaviest vase yet!   it challenged my chop saw in a BIG WAY.  i can already tell that if i want to be working on larger pieces once again i will have to wait for more space and more tools.  i didn't realize when i got this pipe that it would put such a strain on the motor let alone eat up the blade.  these pipes are such a bizarre thing...they remind me of ceramics.  and yet...i love that i didn't have to 'make' them.  they already existed. 

tod has a little video camera and saturday he got clips of me cutting this pipe as well as all the other steps i go through to get the finished product.  once i saw what it is i do to make these i realized i have in…

234 pounds of FUN

thats what i purchased yesterday.  234 pounds of pipe from the scrap yard. tod and i walked the 3 blocks to our little huntsville goldmine.  i call it that now because even in vermont we have never seen so many pipes at one time, and so many that were colored!  usually scrap piles have big nasty heavyily rusted out pipes.  period.  or you get little ones but they are so gross inside it's not worth bothering with.

oh yes, it was indeed a 'sign' if ever there was one.  you paula, you will become the pipe vase maker of all times came a whisper from the heap of scrap which was piled 4 times taller than i.  you will make a plethora of exotic one of a kind vases for the masses dearest little artista.

i knew within a few minutes we needed the car so tod went back for it whilst i fondled and feasted on pipe after pipe.  pulling them and tugging them carefully from the reachable spots hoping that the ton of scrap atop it didn't tumbled down and flatten me.  it still amazes me y…

blue collar art

well my blog sure seems to be on the dull side.  pipes is all i got going on.  and thats a good thing for right now.  i seem to have a little schedule of sorts:  i get up and check online stuff.  have a sale to tend to on etsy.  pack up the vase and ride my bike to the post office and ship it.  i've not been to the bone house to do anymore mosaic work since there are cleaning jobs to do before students move in aug 1.  after that i'm sure i will have 1 or 2 cleaning gigs each month and thats IT.  which is fine, i will miss the work YES I SAID MISS IT...its crazy isn't it?  i've been enjoying getting up and working and sweating and making some money.  i think my increased sales on etsy have a lot to do with my mental state right now. when it's just cleaning apartments with no art energy moving life seems hopeless and really fucking hard.  while i know i can't keep making vases forever i am enjoying it while it lasts.  it isn't something i can sustain.  i nee…

Merritt's flowers meet my vases

I am still on a vase roll.  I have no idea why I like doing this so much. I like the usefulness of them and I like that I have found a way to give life back to something that is otherwise just trash.  If you took a brand new pipe and did this is just wouldn't be the same....least not in my mind.  I love how the paint is faded, chipped and aged by years of usage.  Who knows what all these pipes did in their previous life?  And I'm happy to say I have found the perfect companion for my vases...

....that being barbwire metal flowers that a friend on etsy makes.  While most of my vases are waterproof, sometimes flowers aren't available from your garden and buying fresh flowers is a luxury that you may not be able to afford.  Next best answer is: permanent flowers.  Bright, fresh and totally unique.  I am happy to say that I will have a few of these in my possession for photo shoots but you can buy them from Merrittand probably get her to make them any length you need!  I'm…

Mixed Media Works available

So it is Christmas In July on Etsy from July 15th through the 25th.  I hear it is the 2nd biggest time to sell (real christmas being the first) product on Etsy.  I'm going to use that platform to offer a 25% discount on select Mixed Media Works, as well as free shipping on said works as well as on my clocks.  I do not offer all of my clocks or all of my mixed media works on Etsy, so if you want to look at my work on my website I will extend that offer there as well on my mixed media, puzzle assemblages and clocks.  Candle holders, vases, furniture and wood assemblages are not included at this time as they are still 'new', lightweight, small and more than affordable at this time.

I still plan on reducing my inventory and I hope you know if you see something you must have I will not be offended if you want to privately make me an offer.  I'm not going to give anything away, but I am certainly interested in moving these mixed media pieces out of my life so I have space to…

selling art

Since July 8th, I have sold a handful of small works on etsy.  The majority are blog readers, (many of whom are friends now) some new ~ some old.  Some are 'collectors' of mine while others are newbies.  A few sales were to complete strangers, one was a purchase through an amazon wedding registry that was linked to my etsy shop and the other a man in Dallas of all places who went to etsy looking specifically for metal vases for his wife's birthday.  He found my work by using the keywords ' metal vases' on Etsy.  I have to say that thrills me. Etsy once again comes through in ways I hadn't expected.  He saw those yellow tube vases of mine and got the last set.  By the way etsy has a new feature whereby you can get a 'tag report' on your shops' items, I find it useful.

I've also sold a clock on my auction that was destined for dismantling with another auction going on in the post below; I plan on auctioning one more clock that I feel I need to fin…

Clock Auction #2

Derailed, 2007 #33/100 6.5 x 10.25

Here is a trusty handy tool to get your your auction at the last sec. even when you aren't home!
As promised, the 2nd auction.  This clock, Derailed, is up for bid starting at .99¢.  In case you missed last week's auction, let me remind you that right now I'm needing to unload some product both for physical space, emotional space as well as generate some income.  There is nothing wrong with this clock other than the fact I need to move product. 

This clock is strong, masculine...very rustic and actually one of my heavier pieces.  You will want to have it on a mantel, find the wall stud or hang it on a wood wall.  If you have cheap plaster walls and dont find the stud it might bring the house down!

 I want you to know I have no expectations, bid if you like it but please don't worry that I'm expecting a certain price or that I will be hurt if it goes for little.  I need to unload some work now and I'd rather have it to go someone w…

marketing or whatever you want to call it

I have been taking individual pictures of my most recent collection of waterproof pipe vases.  I was being a cheapskate and uploaded them all on etsy as one listing since it costs a whopping .20 for each listing. Since you only get 5 photos per listing I realized it might behoove me to have individual photos of all 11 so you can actually see the front/backs of each one, as well as what they look like grouped together.  It is amazing how much time I spend on my photo shoots.  I'm on day three,  well over 100 shots and 15 hours in editing time and I'm only happy with a handful of shots.  Lighting is key as is the backdrop.  I need to make it work in a studio space that right now, I'm embarrassed to say is barely even WALKABLE, let alone any free counter space.  I still think it is amazing how any artists do what they do.  Making art is EASY in comparison to all the other crap you need to do.  I'm learning to like it more, taking it as a challenge.  At least it makes me f…

yes no maybe so

yesterday we decided nix the house for now.  on off. yes no. stop go.  god this is tiring.
we are ambivilent.  that best describes our state.  we have yet to feel that excitement we would hope to feel when it comes to building our own home.  thats a sign is it not? 

tod is still trying to find purpose. passion.  anything.  art has intrigued him and he has been making more art but still wants to find that thing.  he thought building a house might be that but the passion failed to take hold.  still could but it hasn't.  he has always had ideas.  right now he is delving into another one about art, found objects and a website. 

and i've not felt the passion either for this house.  technically it never felt like it would be mine.  i dont have a pot to piss in.  i want to either build a self sustainable home or buy one at some point...not something in between which if we built this house based on our money would be just that.  after re-evaluating our $$ it really doesn't seem t…


today my 3 day ebay auction (post below) ends.  the bidding is surprisingly good considering i had prepared myself for a total loss.  i thank those of you who bid.  i can see i had blog readers/facebook friends bidding (i didn't expect total strangers to find that listing) and that makes me feel good and a little weird.  i say weird only because i know i have a ways to go when it comes to finesse.  i originally posted that post in such a way that honestly, you'd have to really want that clock based on how i worded everything.  i had HAD IT.  not with my clock as much as my life.  i can remember when i first made that clock ( it is #8 in this 100 piece collection of which i've made 85 or more to date) i thought it was the shits.  keep in mind i was very new at art...the clocks...the whole thing.  the market was good out there and i was selling clocks right and left and had interest in this very one.  many times someone would purchase a clock and this was on the choice list …

weighted down

i have three clocks i've never cared for but was nonetheless inspired to make.  its an odd thing, making something but not always being thrilled by it.  many times what i am thrilled by others aren't and visa versa.

having said that, if anyone is interested in this clock it is available via ebay auction.  if not sold i will take it to the scrap yard for what its worth in scrap (minus the clock movement of course). it's time to sell some works or get rid of it as much as i hate doing this i dont know what else to do with it all!

i've come to a point where i cannot keep holding on to all this art as it is weighing me down psychologically and well as physically.  while i doubt i will even recoup the money spent in making these works ($30 alone for welding and clock parts) i would hate to think i'm going to destroy something that someone loves but never felt they could afford. here is your chance! thank you for looking.

3 day auction ends Jul 10, 10:57:42

pipe and mirror

while i haven't been working on any new pieces, nor collecting much in the way of materials...i was happy to bogard some pipe the other day.  the city tore down 2 buildings, one of which was the old fire department.  i was lucky enough to find this pipe in the rubble.  it accidentally followed me home one night. 

and the mirror stuff for those of you not privy to my facebook fan page (or god forbid you just forget to go there)....this is what i've been doing at the bone house.  i see mosiac SHARDS everywhere now in my everyday life.  its unsettling and i can only hope it goes away once i'm done with this bathroom.  its really a bit much for me but i get it.  the overall WOW effect does work and it is impressive the amount of work put into each and every room.  i think people will be visiting the bone house for years to come and it's an honor actually to be able to partake in the making of this vision.  i'm finishing up the door, then the floor and then the shower…

getting specific

not much progress on our house stuff.  i've been working as much as i can stand physically and mentally at the bone house because it will be finished soon and then who knows when i will have a chance to make money.  (so far i've not had any cleaning jobs for a few weeks with none in sight)  tod is working on the basic site plan and i need to work on the floor plan so he can 'translate' it to graph paper and trot over to the bank to see what the max loan will be that he can get.  assuming he gets approved, we then make the nitty gritty plans (i think there are 4 or 5 different kinds of plans you have to submit, things like electric/plumbing, real specific stuff about where doors/windows are and how many feet are used up here and there.)

the yellow page is just some scribblings i made when talking to josh.  josh is a 22 year old guy who has been working under dan's wing for the last two years give or take.  few people have that much shit together at that age.  josh h…