land, homes and whiplash

i'm so bad.  i haven't written anything on the phoenix commotion site for months.  i haven't gone there.  haven't done anything in the bone house, not even checked to see the progress.  guess i've been too busy trying to survive and make art.

having said that.  things are happening!  josh, who is dan's main man and soon to be his own phoenix commotion start up dude, finally bought his own lot and will start building asap.  linda and george are also starting to build next to the lot tod and i hope to buy/build on.  linda has worked for dan the last year at the bone house site and george, her adult son with 2 kids of his own, recently moved to huntsville and has rolled up his sleeves to begin building their house/artist studio.  i'm going to volunteer to help them as much as i physically can (or they will let me) as well as post updates on the phoenix commotion blog regarding josh's progress too.  regardless of if tod and i get the money/loan for our lot i'd like to keep tabs on all of this building stuff, i think it's interesting how things get made as i am NOT a logical minded person and to me, it is mystifying.  i can't remember terminonlogy and what you might think is simple physics/mechanics, to me is surpreme brilliance.

i will probably post more on the phoenix site as more stuff happens but if tod and i build i will post that all here as its more personal and i can be all wiggy and unedited. here is a link to my flickr site so you can see the land we might buy as well as the neighborhood.  there are already three houses built by people via the phoenix commotion. (well two are done, the 3rd one is still in progress) those homes are across the street from where linda and george and me and tod will be.  i leave you with the first hole i've dug for linda and george's studio foundation.  i'm probably the only person on the planet who got a mild case of whiplash digging a hole.  george was showing me how to put the shovel on the ground and then jump onto it landing with both feet on each side of the top of the shovel to push it deeper into the earth.  i had performance anxiety and brain body issues so of course i landed wrong and fell backwards onto my back.  i can see already that building a house isn't for pussies.


Nellie's Needles said...

OH, this is exciting! I can't wait to hear more.

Teo said...

:) Ouch! Sorry you hurt yourself. I hope it wasn't too serious! Your lot looks great and the neighborhood is wonderful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

paula said...

it is exciting, especially for linda and george and now josh who is going to be the first phoenix commotion start up on his own. he's been working with dan phillips and is ready to start his own phoenix commotion but first, he has a house to build on another lot about 3/4 mi away.
teo, its kind of funny actually. i just had a bad headache and stiff for a day. i'm a wimp. thx for the finger crossing!

ArtPropelled said...

That earth looks pretty hard! Great that things are beginning to happen.

Jeana Marie said...

Oh Paula sometimes you are so funny...you poor dear! If it helps I'm hopeless when it comes to digging, especially tough dry earth as it seems in your photo!

I hope you and Tod are able to build...