foundation, art and blueprints

dan phillips, tod and george

yesterday was a good day. tod and i helped george mix and pour about forty 80 pound bags of cement for the foundation.  i want to see, learn and do as much as my body can handle so when and if tod and i get to build our house next door, i will have a clue and some extra muscle.  this is the post i wrote on the phoenix commotion site with some pictures of the day.

i also went to the Lamprose Gallery in Spring, Texas where my work has been for the last few months to see what the outdoor art market was all about.  Vicki and Peter (owners) started this up a about a month ago on Saturdays but alas, yesterday was the last day for this until September.  it's just too dang hot and slow until the fall.  a handful of artists braved the heat and i got a chance to meet them and see their work.  i look forward to getting my clocks and vases out there in september. 

 a potter (forgive me i can't remember her name and didn't get a card)

 work by Vicki the owner

another painter (another name i didn't get, sorry!)

so.  i gots blisters on my hands.  a back that feels like its been pushed to the limit.  a head less filled with fraught. and hopefully minimal poison ivy rashage.  just trying to keep busy so i dont have to obsess over the money stuff.  today (yes i've been up since 2:30 am cuz i never sleep well when i work really hard), george is coming by to clue me and tod in on the blueprint making process.  tod and i are still trying to figure out how we want our tiny space to be.  nothing is set in stone but before the bank will give us [tod] a loan we need to show them the 'footprint' of the house.  for those of you who dont know (i didn't) the footprint is: The dimensions for the house only (indicating the smallest area needed to build). They do not include the garage, porches, or decks, unless they are an integral part of the design.  This means our footprint will be around 400 sq feet even though the house will most probably be a total of 800 sq feet when the 2nd floor is built).  we are just now coming to terms with the whole roof thing and general design.  its the multitude of choices and unknown that always gits ya.  if you only had 2 choices as opposed to 20, life would be simpler albeit a bit dull.


deb said...

paula, glenn and I are adding a new deck to the house this summer, there are so many choices and decisions to make, I can't imagine making all the decisions for a whole house, although someday when our kids are grown we'd like to move out of town so maybe I will get the chance to see what that is all about!!! Have a good sunday....

Daphne Enns said...

I can help you with a floor plan Paula. I do floor plans when I'm restless for crying out loud. That and I draw plans for possible deck layouts for our yard. For me it's a fun challenge like putting together a puzzle. I may not work as an interior designer (interior architect) in any serious manner but I still do (mostly free) consults.

sarala said...

Glad you're looking forward.
The art fair photos remind me that I asked one artist at our local fair if I could take a photo of his booth from a distance (so as not to seem as if I was stealing his ideas). He said no, unless I was a journalist. These guys seem more friendly unless that is because you are a fellow artist.

paula said...

yeah deb, tod made a comment about how huge homes are and he thinks some of it so you dont have to try to think about where everything is going to go. when its SMALL you really have to think about the space you are going to use/live in.
well daphne, thank you for the offer to help! i need to get some blue print paper and start making real plans...all the math and stuff is crazy making. for now i think we just need to submit the siteplan and floor plan. will let you know how it goes.
sarala, its texas! people are friendly here :)

ArtPropelled said...

Many things to look forward to in this post, Paula. It must be exciting plotting and planning for your house. The art market is also a plus. I was "discovered" by two good galleries at an art market that I used to take part in once a month for several years. Many positives and happy memories came from that time. The Lamprose market, even with only a few stall holders in the heat, looks promising.

paula said...

yeah robyn i think it will be a good little market when they restart it in september. will keep that positive thought for there being more possibility from it then!