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foundation, art and blueprints

dan phillips, tod and george

yesterday was a good day. tod and i helped george mix and pour about forty 80 pound bags of cement for the foundation.  i want to see, learn and do as much as my body can handle so when and if tod and i get to build our house next door, i will have a clue and some extra muscle.  this is the post i wrote on the phoenix commotion site with some pictures of the day.

i also went to the Lamprose Gallery in Spring, Texas where my work has been for the last few months to see what the outdoor art market was all about.  Vicki and Peter (owners) started this up a about a month ago on Saturdays but alas, yesterday was the last day for this until September.  it's just too dang hot and slow until the fall.  a handful of artists braved the heat and i got a chance to meet them and see their work.  i look forward to getting my clocks and vases out there in september. 
Abstract by Lance
 a potter (forgive me i can't remember her name and didn't get a card)

 work by …


what a long ass week.  i find myself feeling empty and sad and having to try really really hard to tell myself everything can change [for the better] thing is i just dont know how or when.  on the one hand i'm grateful that there is still work to do at the bone house, still work that i can do and that right now no one else really wants to do. [linda is the only other person still doing bathroom mosaic, everyone else has burnt out] the mosaic stuff in the bathroom is really draining physically and mentally.  it is tedious, boring, and  hotter than a fucking boil.  sprinkle in off gassing from all the tile adhesives and you walk away after only a few hours feeling dizzy and not quite right. 

the bathrooms i am working on are very small.  one is getting covered in cut mirror.  so it takes hours.  first you take sheets of mirror and cut out all the pieces.  you slice a line in the mirror and then use a tool to 'pinch' or break off the piece.  after you have a bucketful of tha…

friday new art finds: Ursula von Rydingsvard

thanks to a comment by Lance, I got turned onto a new artist!  Ursula von Rydingsvard.  Ursula makes massive, mindblowing sculptures out of wood.  there is a plethora written about her and i'd probably just embarrass myself if i even tried. go watch an art 21 video, i know i'm gonna. in the meantime enjoy these beautiful works, thank you lance for the mention of her!

Ursula von Rydingsvard
Galerie Lelong
Ursula von Rydingsvard's Czara z Babelkami, in Madison Square Park

oh well

i knew i would get rejected and i did.  this was my first time ever submitting an art proposal and i have a suspicion there a couple of factors at play.  one can never know i guess unless one barks at the door and asks for an answer, but i think my proposal was probably impassionate, poorly presented and i am not involved in any way with/for/at the university.  i was informed about the opportunity to make this proposal the day the deadline ended as i was dropping gallery invites off at the art department and someone in the office told me about the art proposal and said if i got it in by a certain time she would accept it.  that meant i had a few hours to whip something up;  needless to say i was totally unprepared.  i found it touching that the woman who sent me the rejection letter actually included a handwritten note saying 'this is the first time that someone i know has made a proposal for the gallery.  i really hate to have to send you the 'letter' that the other 70 ar…

new redwood tray

finally finished this puppy yesterday and for once happy with the photo shoot too.  it's always a challenge for me to take pictures, especially since tod and i dont have much furniture or nice settings/lighting.  i usually opt to haul stuff outside and wonder how can i find another different way to take a picture of the latest work?  this time i trudged over to the bank drive through and found some cool paw prints left in the cement as well as various other spots in and around our parking area.  i did a post on this on my etsy blog so i dont really have much more verve for explaining right now.  i'm in zombi mode.  waking up in the middle of the night and getting 4 hours of sleep.  guess i gots lots on my mental  plate and not relaxing right now.  oh well.... thats life.

Chunky Redwood Tray, 2010

land, homes and whiplash

i'm so bad.  i haven't written anything on the phoenix commotion site for months.  i haven't gone there.  haven't done anything in the bone house, not even checked to see the progress.  guess i've been too busy trying to survive and make art.

having said that.  things are happening!  josh, who is dan's main man and soon to be his own phoenix commotion start up dude, finally bought his own lot and will start building asap.  linda and george are also starting to build next to the lot tod and i hope to buy/build on.  linda has worked for dan the last year at the bone house site and george, her adult son with 2 kids of his own, recently moved to huntsville and has rolled up his sleeves to begin building their house/artist studio.  i'm going to volunteer to help them as much as i physically can (or they will let me) as well as post updates on the phoenix commotion blog regarding josh's progress too.  regardless of if tod and i get the money/loan for our lot …

more redwood

i'm working away on little wood things.  i still have a few boxes of redwood scrap to work with and am eager to keep making more trays and wall art.  yesterday i put this up on etsy and today it sold!  wanted to share it here for the few who dont look at facebook or twitter or etsy to see my newest works.

this is a cool one, least i think so.  it's fairly simple but in my mind that can mean it's so wabi sabi.  the center piece has a natural indent (for lack of better word) flowing thru it which is perfect for setting little keepsakes, keys or even your phone onto.  i've added two strips to each side for color and added width as well as to give it handles for easy transport.  i feel more comfortable working with wood, allowing myself to keep it simple and let the natural beauty be the mainstay. being so limited in space and materials is an interesting way to make something.  it's like having one arm tied behind your back or one empty eye socket.  i don't' ha…

now showing

i keep forgetting to post some pictures i took of my work in the lamprose gallery.  i met the gallery owners during an art opening in march and they wanted my work in their gallery/frame shop.  i like this place a's small, it's contemporary and i think my work looks fantastic in a realistic setting.  i love the sofa and furniture they have in there and i love that they took MY furniture too!

another bad picture on my part, but you will note to the left of the sofa is my woodstack table as well as 52 tile above the sofa.  to the right of that are my found object shelves i made as well as the wonder horse(below).  poor lighting and little crap camera makes me want to apologize profusely.

then there is a center table where the linguist resides as well as a handful of my clocks.  all in all i feel great about having work there even if they stopped having their first friday art walk AND it's summer so its dead.  guess it is better to have art there even in a slow time …

friday new art finds: Michael Johansson

I have been remiss in posting my Friday New Art Finds.  This one has been in draft mode for three weeks.  enough already eh?  I present Michael Johansson.  His work seems to be all about compacting repeated materials into neat cubes, packages, furniture and/or general presentation of everyday items that he buys from flea markets.  In his Artist StatementMichael states: I am fascinated walking around flea markets finding doubles of seemingly unique, though often useless objects I have already purchased at another flea market. Despite the fact that I did not have any use for them even the first time, the desire to own two of these objects becomes too strong to resist.

Vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret, 2006
(At least the weather was nice)
description from website:
A caravan is filled to the limit with camping equipment. All the windows are fully covered with objects, organised by theme. One of the windows have given in to the pressure and cracked. On the ground lie some of the ice packs …

found object perfection

its like a scrap lollipop.  who knows if i will ever use it in anything but for now i'm happy just seeing it out of the corner of my bulbous eye. the danger in living with someone who is also now 'an artist' is that we both want it.  i put up the loudest fuss.  it's mine for now.


one never knows.  i know i never know.
we never know who reads and what they get out of it.  i write this stuff (post below) because i often times feel trapped in the corners of life.  i don't mean to or want to complain and whine and bitch and moan for the sake of such.  i hope those of you who know me know that i am always seeking and often frustrated but always trying even if am kicking and screaming while doing it.  remember way back when when i could barely write 'etsy' let alone be on it?  remember when i hated facebook?  and now i'm on an etsy team for gods sake.  and i have a facebook profile and facebook fan page.  i eat half of the words i say.  i should be obese with letters by now.

dont think i write stuff and then go on my merry way.  i dont.  i write stuff and i fret over it.  i see myself.  i read it more times than you would believe and try to see who i am and what i'm after.  i try to see what i'm doing as if i'm not me but someone else.  a…

market smarket

marketing.  you see it hear it everywhere.  pick me! pick me! pick me!

i'd hate to think that i am so stubborn that i am actually thwarting any chances i have in this art life just because i'm not doing the marketing thing right.  i know i find it difficult to see too much of ME out there.  i make something new and tweet the link, i facebook it, facebook fan page it,  i blog it and i etsy it if appropriate.  i do not send out emails.  i'm just not that kind of gal to believe anyone really appreciates, likes, let alone would read a 'paula newsletter'.  most of you know i am rough around my edges.  i have edges.  i try to buff them, sometimes i saw them down and remove them but they usually grow back these edges.

not to diss anyone who newsletters or does whatever it is you do to market yourself.  in fact you are all much more successful than i am.  but is it really because you market yourself better?  is there one person out there who can prove to me if i do what yo…