speed bump

in between doing and knowing and wanting is where i'm at right now.  i have my puzzle projects to begin if i want but i keep putting the brake on them because i'm waiting for my little sign.  i need signs sometimes.  i haven't sold a puzzle piece in awhile and while people seem to love them when they see them in person, loving and buying are two different things. they are a lot of work and aren't something you just wrap willy nilly and throw into a corner.

i do find it interesting the speed bumps along the way of art making.  sometimes you blast through it all, jolt the hell out of yourself but you go ahead at full speed. true you can cover a lot of ground going along like that but you can also tear yourself up.  sometimes its worth it, sometimes it aint. sometimes, like now for instance, i come to a complete stop at each bump and slowly roll over it.  not a good way to travel.  gotta decide if you are going for it or not at some point.

it sounds so awful to say it, but most of my not wanting to go ahead with it has to do with the accumulation of it all.  the packing and storing.  i've said it before; it's nothing new.  i don't like it when i question it.  a thread of some perceived responsibility is what dangles in my peripheral and i question myself. i look ahead and think what the hell am i going to do with all this stuff.  is it good to think about this if all it does it paralyze me?  i dont think so. maybe i should step on the gas pedal like there is no tomorrow.


AnitaNH said...

Hi Paula,
The stacking up of finished stuff can kill the creative urge. I have some larger work that I haven't started because I'm not sure if I can afford to give it space. I'm much more apt to just dash off a digital collage than a physical one.

But as I get older I realize that the real issue is time. So let's, step on the gas and go for it!

Nellie's Needles said...

Anita has a point ... TIME.

In the past I had lots of finished pieces stored where ever they could be stashed. The languishing of all those finished pieces niggled at the back of my head, but I kept on creating whatever moved me. Now all those pieces are in galleries. If there had not been a lot completed I would not have had much to give when "my time" of recognition came.

Now I cross my fingers that it all gets scattered out there in the world. It's always a celebration when one sells and I'm whooping it up today.

paula said...

i know it and you know it. it still helps to hear it again. :)
thanks ladies for sharing your own stuff in more ways than one.

collage whirl said...

This encourages me to keep making stuff. I have to confess that I let the buildup kill the creative spark for quite awhile though... Getting ready to start on a couple larger pieces, something I haven't done in a long time. It is time to go for it!

paula said...

haha...let us all just go for it then and have fun and a well written will.

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I woke up this morning feeling the exact same way. At first I was just going to sympathize with you and tell you how miserable I felt. But the comments here, your last one included have made me feel better about creating. I guess this is what blogging is all about.

I, too am going to step on the gas. At least for today or until the price of gas gets ridiculous. Or until my artwork starts to seep under the doors and breaks out the windows as the house fills up.

paula said...

kim, it does help sometimes dont it. of course i woke up and thought, hell no. i can't make those 2 puzzle pieces cuz i will NEVER find boxes for them and they will be too delicate to move around over and over and over. it makes me feel sick thinking about it.
but that doesn't mean i can't steer myself into another crazy direction and make forest loads of wood assemblages. i guess the point is, more than anything, to keep doing what your gut tells you to before the head reaches in and pulls you out of there.
good luck
we are all here as you can see,

CTStudios said...

Perhaps, what you need is a Pogo stick. Right before you see the speed bump approaching, you can give a little hop and jump right over it and continue on.

Angela Recada said...

That's what has kept me from even getting started - for years. I don't have space for my supplies, and I don't have a really good space to work in. Most importantly, where do I store the stuff I do manage to make?

All I know is we can't let this paralyze us. We need to move forward. You, especially, have such a wonderful talent, and you've got to give it a voice.

paula said...

a pogo stick, ya know i could NEVER do that as a kid. :(
i know angela...and thanks for the reinforcement. you could be like me and pay for storage. it does force you to try to get it out there let me tell ya.