reclaimed pipe vases

i'm excited to show off my new waterproof pipe vessels! i brought this old orange pipe with me to texas from vermont and finally had the inspiration to cut it, cut and shape metal flashing to fit the bottom and apply water proof marine stuff to it.  i also ground down all the gunk on the inside to reveal beautiful shiny steel so i could paint it with rust protector. does it get any better than a reclaimed pipe vase?  will put on etsy soon, i'm still reeling from all the hard work put into last saturdays show!


collage whirl said...

These are really cool Paula! And congratulations on your show--the big picture is definitely the one to keep in mind and it sounds like you are off to a great start in Texas. I thought I was following your blog, but I don't see my pic in the followers..hmmmm, one more thing to figure out. Let me know if you can see me on your end.(?)

paula said...

hey thanks! i love these vases. and yeah, BIG PICTURE...sigh.

huh... no i dont see your avatar under followers. and you need to get a following thing up on YOUR blog eh?

Michelle said...

Oh Paula, can`t wait to see them listed on Etsy!!!
They are really stunning and your Pics,
wow your Pics are perfect!!!!
I just love the combination of a sweet Flower with the rawness, really cool!!!!

Ellen said...

these look great, you took great pictures of them, really shows them off. I looked at the Etsy listing but just a little unsure, you're selling them together as a group right?

paula said...

they are up michele :)
yes elle, sold as a set. should i reword that?
tods mom gave me flowers for the show opening and they were perfect for the photos...glad you approve you know how hard it is to take good pictures here yes?

Lisa said...

Fell behind on reading blogs - just caught up. Yay - these are now mine! Woohoo.

paula said...

yay!!!!! thank you lisa :)