more from our show

Tod's 'depurposed tools'.  Amused many and got plenty of study time.

Pedestal that Jared made with broken tempered glass and grout.  It was a hit amongst the female viewers.

 Tod's obtuse sculptures.  This one right above was called by one artist 'the ballsiest piece here'.

My puzzle table and puzzle sculpture.

Shelf with Tod's miniature found object sculptures.

will have another batch in the coming days.   again, these aren't showing well, its a cave in the daytime with a few fluorescent lights and if i use a flash it makes everything gross looking.  this is as good as i can do right now.  i think my favorite works that tod has done are the two wiry things on the yellow background/door.  i have to laugh, a professor at Sam Houston saw that one and announced it was the balliest piece here.  i said i'm glad you like it.  he said i didn't SAY i liked it.  i said it was the balliest piece.  what can you say to that?

i also noticed many people eyeing Jared's pedestal as well as the small sculptures on tod's shelves.  it really was interesting though how few people seemed to genuinely be interested in the majority of the work, especially mine...least as far as i could tell.  all the openings i've been in/attended people asked me questions ~ good thing i have had many good experiences in showing my art, this show could have crushed me if i were more insecure about my work.  huntsville, you is a hard nut to crack.


sarala said...

I guess if you are going to push the boundaries of art and do something new, a lot of people won't get it. It is hard for people to see the beauty in found items and recycled trash. But that is a good thing in its way. It is never easy being an original. Remember all the clone-kids in high school? Better to be us, the misfits with ideas.
I like Tod's pegboard. Great humor in it. Also his little face thing.
Keep it up!

Cynthia said...

I want that pedestal! I loved Tod's little found sculptures...he shoulda had prices on them! You know I love YOUR stuff. Just ignore that professor...sometimes he has a strange way of expressing himself but he means no harm! Yeah...I'm not sure it's a nut worth cracking! Small hard little shell with not much good inside! ha ha -- I didn't say that!

Ellen said...

I love Tod's depurposed tools! Wish I could have been there to really take a good look at everything. I'm sure pictures don't do anything justice, when it's all so wonderfully tactile. I'd certainly take the prof's comment as a compliment. You don't have to 'like' something to think it's interesting or brave or cool. For me, a ton of art falls under that category, I appreciate, not necessarily like, because it's so subjective, this art thing.
(But I do LIKE. LOVE your art, after all, I wouldn't have some hanging on my wall if i didn't:)

collage whirl said...

I so wish I could have been there to see all the coolness. So much creativity...you guys rock. Huntsville won't know what hit them, but you might start a revolution. I figured out how to follow your blog-- before I thought it was automatic through blogger dashboard, but it's not at all ... And yay!, you're my first blog follower--thanks Paula!

paula said...

i love you guys. what else can i say.
ps glad you figured it out deborah!