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Redwood Assemblage

it never occurred to me that my wood trays had so many uses. while it may not be the most practical of laptop trays, theoretically you could use it as such.  it hadn't even occurred to me that it looks great as a wall piece until a few weeks ago when the art center here in town wanted one of my wood trays for their gift shop and to my surprise, hung it on the wall where it promptly sold.  so now you have three choices...table or laptop tray or wall art.  i still have a few bucketfuls of these redwood 'slats' that have been discarded from the build site via the phoenix commotion.  their original use was for the redwood deck doors and studio doors.  i was happy to get the remains and have to date made three trays as well as 62 redwood assemblages from this and other redwood refuse.  it's limited, this wood, so i of course think it is extremely valuable.  get it while you can.


i was lucky that a few years ago when i was making art i still had some savings, lived rent free as i care took in a home and the economy hadn't dived into the ditch. plus i was actually making money selling art!  all of that has changed.  my $$ tank is on E.  i've moved and have rejoined the renters world and my art is taking longer to sell in this economy and new surroundings.  the obvious answer is a real job (we all know art isn't a real job right).  so i have my new part time job cleaning vacated apartments which i should be grateful for seeing as there aren't many jobs i can find let alone perform.  i still need help understanding how i will ever get anywhere.  i have no energy to make art right after cleaning and if all i do is work, i think if i'm lucky in a year or two i could have money saved and make art again full time.  i dont see myself living like that.  i just dont. i'm not that patient and i go nuts if i dont make art.

it's been a possibili…

pipes and tubes, you get to choose

in my despair over not being able to find free found scrap of any significance here in huntsville, i finally went to the local scrap/recycle center a few weeks ago and took a quick look around.  its a small place, one clump of stuff piled yay tall, a few bins filled and thats about it.  there is another scrap yard on the outer edges of town but it's lacking big time by paula standards.   

so imagine my delight when i saw one longish square tube/pipe of steel that was bright yellow pencil colored.  so cool, and square!  i'd never seen these types of pipes even though i now know they are used in structural building, it's not anything i've come across before.  i also found three larger rectangle tubes that are super thick and have what appear to be plasma cut slits in them as well as some other pipes of various and sundry types.  tod and i walked back home with aching arms and i went straight to work. 

i've made these into waterproof vases. you can use them in or o…


suddenly i think shut up paula.
just shut up.
louise worked her mad ass off.
am i?
she was in new york city.
she had cronies and i can barely connect with a magnet here. or maybe anywhere.
times were different then and i suppose i can't compare myself.  i do.
i feel diminuative. exceedingly.
who do i think i am thinking i would even warrant a notice right now.
you have to think you are doing something wonderful
and yet, you have to know you aren't
i'll go clean some apartments i guess.

louise louise you did what you pleased

so i'm reading a biography on Louise Nevelson.  it's been eye opening as i didn't know anything about her, in fact until a year or so ago i'd never heard of her until a blog friend mentioned her.  i think i steered away from knowing more about her because what little i heard wasn't good and i didn't have room in my head for another fucked up artist. i guess for whatever reason, i have room now.  there are a few things about her life as an artist that is relate-able and much that is not.  i'm here today working on my little wood assemblages and keep thinking about her struggles and entry into the art world.  i'm hearing words i've recently read....someone asking her how she got into certain art shows and her response was 'why, fucking of course'.  i'm visualizing her constant moving from studio to studio, living in utter poverty and yet wining and dining with the best of them. her beauty lent her many opportunities she might not of had ot…

speed bump

in between doing and knowing and wanting is where i'm at right now.  i have my puzzle projects to begin if i want but i keep putting the brake on them because i'm waiting for my little sign.  i need signs sometimes.  i haven't sold a puzzle piece in awhile and while people seem to love them when they see them in person, loving and buying are two different things. they are a lot of work and aren't something you just wrap willy nilly and throw into a corner.

i do find it interesting the speed bumps along the way of art making.  sometimes you blast through it all, jolt the hell out of yourself but you go ahead at full speed. true you can cover a lot of ground going along like that but you can also tear yourself up.  sometimes its worth it, sometimes it aint. sometimes, like now for instance, i come to a complete stop at each bump and slowly roll over it.  not a good way to travel.  gotta decide if you are going for it or not at some point.

it sounds so awful to say it, bu…

boat loads of trash

well school is out the university kids have no reason to stay here and i guess its just too much to ask that they take their unwanted things to the mission or thrift store.  i mean, they do live 5 or more blocks away from it and who can ask them to drive their bst's (big stupid trucks) all that distance to unload trash right? 

tod and i dont need much, dont want much but its irresistable to not take a peek inside the dumpsters.  i thought it was fitting that last night while students and parents were all dressed up walking on campus for part one of graduation that tod and i were on our bikes racing to dumpster after dumpster before the storm hit.  i have never gone dumpster diving such as i have here in texas.  and to tell the truth it is a little intimidating and sometimes demoralizing, especially when you hear the voice in your head rattle on assumed thoughts of those who might see you.  i could just hear those students' thoughts....glad they have an education so they dont h…

The Linguist

never took proper pictures of The Linguist.  finally got around to it.  i'm really happy with this one, and as usual pictures do not do it justice.  i have two more puzzle heads percolating in my own head.  remember those puzzle towers i was working on last summer?  rather than have them be stand alone towers or sterio speaker stands as originally intended, i'm thinking they will serve as puzzle head bases instead.  they will be monsterous.

self taught exhibition

so i went to the show last night at the wynne home arts center where i got to see three REAL THORNTON DIAL work.  WOW!  some of his pastels similar to what is on the left.  i like his mixed media assemblages and sculptures the best but i'm happy to see whatever i can from his hand.

the Dial work was part of a private collection. it was interesting to hear a talk about the work of 'self taught artists'.  i sometimes get a little ruffled about all that talk, as i am self taught but sometimes i think i'm not considered a 'real' self taught artist by the 'true self taught collector' and why? i've been told its because i have a website, because i've been in galleries, because i'm relatively normal and sane and wasn't making art when i was truly fucked up.  because i am familiar with other artists and the general art world.  and mostly, because i want to make a living from it.  as if that somehow dissolves my self taught standing, as if self t…

bat guano wafting in the wind and here i go again

i feel like a moron most of the time.  yesterday i finally decided with tod's help, to trudge over to the gallery space and find a way to take pictures of all my wood assemblages at once.  so while the clueless could glance at this and exclaim oh wow lookee at all those, what i see is bad photography, bad set up and double bad execution.  its GREAT to see these puppies all together but what you might not know is, they are on the floor.  i still haven't found a way i want to hang/present them as the majority of them look just as cool on the other side and i didn't want to screw hangers into them.  these are small, keep in mind the largest is about 8" long and the average size is just 3-4" W and L.

the first trip over we took both boxes and after realizing there wasn't an easy way to hang them without putting over 120 nails in the wall (2 nails could be spread apart and the piece rest on them i suppose) we dragged the three doors that jared put together as disp…


so yesterday was a big day, an unexpected one at that!  remember when i did the angel show (1,2,) at the Katy and E. Don Walker Education Center on campus last November? (of course you do right?)  well a woman there had really liked one of my photo mixed media pieces but was on the fence about one of the photos in the piece.  i'm happy to say that has since sold and even happier to say she went to our temporary gallery space yesterday with her son to meet me and have a look see at our 'show' and ended up buying my littlebone tablefor her deck!  they made up for everything that didn't happen saturday night, meaning: i got to talk about all of our art for over 30 minutes to people who were interested and loved seeing everything in there.  And they were interesting as well so i feel like i made a connection with people who got what we were doing. 

as if that weren't enough for one day, i then stopped over at the Wynne Home Arts Center just down the street (to the bes…

more from our show

Tod's 'depurposed tools'.  Amused many and got plenty of study time.
Pedestal that Jared made with broken tempered glass and grout.  It was a hit amongst the female viewers.
 Tod's obtuse sculptures.  This one right above was called by one artist 'the ballsiest piece here'.
My puzzle table and puzzle sculpture.

Shelf with Tod's miniature found object sculptures.

will have another batch in the coming days.   again, these aren't showing well, its a cave in the daytime with a few fluorescent lights and if i use a flash it makes everything gross looking.  this is as good as i can do right now.  i think my favorite works that tod has done are the two wiry things on the yellow background/door.  i have to laugh, a professor at Sam Houston saw that one and announced it was the balliest piece here.  i said i'm glad you like it.  he said i didn't SAY i liked it.  i said it was the balliest piece.  what can you say to that?
i also noticed many people eyeing Jare…

the art we showed saturday: tod's daddy dolls

its really challenging to take good pictures of art, and it was more so because this is a space with only one garage opening that faces north and the lighting is horrible. excuse the blur, the bad, i do want to share some of the work we had in there.

starting with tod and his daddy dolls.  dolls made by reversing coffee bags, putting Styrofoam in the 'heads' and using all found objects (no adhesives/glues) to both decorate and assemble the work. (they have yet to be named or priced ) 

reclaimed pipe vases

i'm excited to show off my new waterproof pipe vessels! i brought this old orange pipe with me to texas from vermont and finally had the inspiration to cut it, cut and shape metal flashing to fit the bottom and apply water proof marine stuff to it.  i also ground down all the gunk on the inside to reveal beautiful shiny steel so i could paint it with rust protector. does it get any better than a reclaimed pipe vase?  will put on etsy soon, i'm still reeling from all the hard work put into last saturdays show!

good night

the good news is, we didn't get the purported severe thunderstorms and people showed up!  i will admit i didn't think that that many people attended, but tod assures me that easily 50, possibly 75 humans dropped by so i must have been focusing too much on one conversation at a time.  you know how it is at an opening, faces and time fly by and you are unaware of the big picture. 

the big picture is what i must keep in mind, you see, tod has always bragged that at every event i've ever exhibited i have always sold at least ONE thing.  last night broke that record.  it was a big fat zero for me and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little disappointed.  yeah i had my big ticket items there but i also had all my candle holders (starting at $25) as well as other affordable pieces on display. i am disappointed but not surprised if that makes sense.  i can't dwell on it or else i will lose sight of the overall experience which i found to be pretty damn good. 

and i h…

this way. that way