last week recap

i am boring right now. hence no blog posts. just in case someone is remotely interested in what i have been doing i thought i would give the blog a moments attention.

last week i posted on my face book fan page some pictures of a puzzle assemblage 'class' i did with the girl scouts in conroe, texas. that turned out to be easier than i expected and yet not so. i realized that having never 'taught' anything i should have gone with my initial instinct and told everyone we were going to make faces instead of giving them freedom to do whatever they wanted because as with many people too much freedom can sometimes paralyze you with choices. for the most part everyone got into it. i was instructing 7-12 year old girls after all, so imaginations were good but the project might have been too daunting in retrospect. i brought in two puzzle masks that i made on the fly to show as examples as well as four pre-existing puzzle assemblages to show them what is possible if you have enough time and puzzle pieces. i think i was surprised that only a few girls actually glued more than one layer of puzzle pieces together; for the most part everyone did single layers and ironically no one did 'faces' like i do. only one person made people; everything else was abstract/landscape/bug/reptile/or names. its good for me, shows me i dont know anything.

i had a great time albeit i was a little wired and exhausted by the time i left. i was there just about 2 hours total (set up and intro etc) and i found that having a smile plastered on my face and giving constant encouragement and feedback proved more work than i'm used to. having said that, i would consider doing this, or something similar again if the opportunity presented itself. i might even seek out where i can do summer workshops here and there as long as i dont have to acquire materials.

i also helped clean/organize an art studio for a friend. (yes i do have a friend out here even though she doesn't live in huntsville) she generously offered to pay me for my time and it was fun to spend a humid rainy day in a nice big studio getting it organized and back into shape. while i wouldn't want to do that full time for people, it is very rewarding to help someone purge and organize things as long as they are up for it. she was up for it so we had a good time.

friday jared (my neighbor) had some time to deal with the other big wall in that gallery space we are going to use for our art opening may 1st. our landlord let me pick through his paint supply and i found a few colors that i thought would look good with the blue/gray we bought earlier. there is still some cosmetic work to do but i think its going to look great and hats off to jared for being so gun ho.

and if you are still reading this i will bore you with another attempt at making a few bucks. literally. the landlord said i could try my hand at cleaning apartments he has when people move out. at $8 an hour (+ bringing my own cleaning supplies and working without hot water or electricity) i'm not keen on any future jobs. it's already hot here and i'm at the cranky age of getting hot flashes here and there. not fun when its humid and i'm cleaning layers of cigarette smoke, skin, animal and other filth. my right sinus cavity is still completely 'packed' feeling this morning. i'm slightly repulsed. plus another worker was there and he sang loudly to 70's music most of the time. i thought i was going to lose my mind.

so i still search for any quick job to do here and there. all so i can keep the majority of my time open for marketing/making art. working away slowly but surely on my puzzle sculptures. trying to spend as much time outside as i can before the summer hell descends. dumpster dived for donuts for the first time in my life. finally found a place to eat out that we like (thanks tod's mom for the $$ gift to enjoy a dinner out~we loved our sushi!) and what else...just living each day in the moment and trying to stay away from the fearful thoughts that shut me down.


Jeana Marie said...

glad you've had a few opportunities to make a little bit of money...that can take a tiny bit of pressure off...(I don't think I would do that cleaning job again either!). Sounds like you've been able to work through a few things and keep those yucky thoughts away. Hope you are well!

paula said...

thanks jeana, yep yucky thoughts at bay :)

ArtPropelled said...

Each workshop you do will gear you for the next one. I hope this pans out for you because its interesting and certainly more your thing than cleaning yucky apartments.

andrea said...

This is the blog post of someone who's becoming part of the community! :) (And that's terrible wages if you have to use your own supplies and there's no hot water! Yikes.)

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, it sounds like you are far more open to life than you were a year ago. I hate to sound cliched but, you've run into some walls and also found some of those open doors and windows.

That cleaning sounds like a nasty thing, but is it something you can do now and then or are they looking for someone to do it regularly?

That class you taught sounded like a huge success. The kids seemed to have a great time and learned a bit. Looks like you did too. I hope another opportunity for you to teach is coming up.

Cynthia said...

Paula -- you are never boring! Glad it worked out so well with the girl scouts! I LOVE my clean purged studio!!! I wasn't even enjoying going out there, and that doesn't lead to much art production. Now I go out there and think wow! What a great space! Think I'll make some art! THANK YOU. Send me the pictures you took por favor!

paula said...

yep andrea/robyn, the cleaning thing aint for me. not at those wages/circumstances. (of course ask me in a few more months if i can't find ANYTHING else)
kim i'm glad to hear it is obvious i'm more open to life. i'm aware of it and its a good thing :)
i hope i can find more little teaching gigs...at least that feels like positive interaction.
cynthia...i was wondering if you were still alive, sure i will send you photos. love hearing how good you feel now when you go in your studio, thanks for letting me know!

deb said...

Again so honest and true, and what we all need to hear... life is messy and confusing and painful and then suddenly full of joy. Glad you reported all this, and I am too a girl scout (well actually a girl guide, but I've been one since grade school!!)

Ellen said...

I like hearing about what's up in your life, the rhythm of the day to day. I taught kids of the same age out of my studio before too. I remember feeling overwhelmed in the beginning, but it turned out fun. I also learned it was better to be really specific. Even with the fairly contained art projects we did, it amazes me how creative and diverse they are. Good luck, hope something tolerable job wise turns up. Can't wait to hear about the upcoming art show.

Angela Recada said...

Hey Paula, it's always good to hear what you've been up to. I deleted my facebook page and haven't been around the blog much, so I'm really glad you recapped your week in this post.

It's awesome that you keep going out there, trying new things outside your comfort zone. You are an inspiration. Truly. And I'm so glad you and Tod had a nice dinner out.

I'm looking forward to seeing more about the upcoming art show, too.

paula said...

its still hard to imagine you were a girl scout deb...i mean REALLY.
elle...thanks, i'm glad i dont bore the piss out of you. i do ME!!!!
i hope i find something too thank you.
angela, i thought i lost a friend, i dont have many and notice :) realized it was you after a bit and thought...ah maybe she'll come back AGAIN.
thanks for the good thoughts and i will for sure share the art show thing. thats the first sat. in may. photos and video maybe :)