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ready set go

today was one big long day.  and we aint done.  decided tomorrow to be 'open' in the afternoon so we dont miss the chance to nab some possible visitors who might be out roaming the 'airing of the quilt' show that will be going on right down the street from us.  we aren't done hanging everything and getting all the loose ends tied up, last minute completion of art in some cases, rearranging of furniture and of course the food getting prepared and set up, thankfully tod's mom flew in from MA yesterday and she is taking over the brunt of that so i can focus on the show stuff.  thunderstorms predicted.  hasn't rained much all spring and now we are getting 'mist'.  hot and greasy humid.  i love it.  bring it on we are having this show rain or shine!

i'm loving the most that its me and tod and jared.  my favorite people in huntsville. (cynthia you live out of town otherwise you would be in that list. you are my favorite person too).  i'm loving t…

puzzle table sculpture

well tomorrow is my art show with tod and jared here in huntsville tx.  when i stop and give it a thought, i'm thinking WOW! this is really happening!  when i lived in vermont tod and i always talked about trying to find a space to use to have our own private art show.  yeah a gallery is great to be in and it is the way to go but sometimes you just want to do it your way and make it more intimate.  for whatever reason the opportunity just never materialized and i wasn't very gun ho in vermont.  i never seemed to 'click' with others and getting out there felt like crawling through a sea of glue.  while i'm not in any established galleries in houston, i have been able to get a few pieces into 2 galleries with another on the way, all out of town.  i have to say i am pleasantly surprised by how enthuised and responsive people are about my work here.  lets hope i can keep riding this wave of momentum.  it calls for lots of moving forward on my part, plenty of obstacles …

going nuts

many of you already know about my candle holders that i finished last week.  for those of you in the dark about this, here they are!  they are on my website as well as on etsy.  i'm really happy with them as this time i went a little further in the design and refinement process, meaning i used the grinder and got the top layer of rust off of some(see below).  the two below with the rr screws sticking through them also have a rust converter painted onto them (thanks for telling me about this nellie!) i still prefer the rusty look for the majority of my work...the patina and subtle nuances aren't something i can replicate...even if i could why would i when its already there?  however, i'm getting it that some people might prefer a 'cleaner' look and feel.  all of my rusty pieces are cleaned on the bottom anyways, but the rust converter will cease further rusting, say if you live in a super humid area and leave them outdoors.  and i will admit, it does lend a more ele…

friday new art finds: James Florschutz

Station XI - Clenched in the Ultimate
16 1/2" x 16" x 5 1/2"
Mixed Media, 2007 by James Florschutz
Station I- I Am
12 1/2" x 15" x 8 1/4"
Mixed Media
2007 by James Florschutz

just in the nick of time, another friday art find, found. and what a find! this is the type of sculpture that gets me really excited about materials. of course i wanna do this but think why bother when it is already done and mastered.

amazing work in my opinion. there is a fine line between a mess and a masterpiece. these works are a marvel of both ingenuity and placement of objects. zip ties, paper, metal?, wood, brushes, name it and its in there. excerpt from James's about page:
Sculpture has always been a way for me to overlay order on my environment and to make sense of a seemingly chaotic world around me. Often my work uses the grid that offers a matrix for me to express my thoughts and feelings. In using discarded materials (by-products) of our s…


today i started handing out the fliers and postcards that we made/printed to direct the masses to our group art show which is a week from saturday. for those of you who haven't seen the press release ~ i made my own of sorts to go on the website as well for the random human who actually visits my about/exhibit page.

the great thing is, i dont care who shows up. i'm not in a fantasy world about this being something other than just three people getting together who want to show their art. we've waited pert near to the last minute it seems to get the word out, but this is huntsville, word spreads via some strange osmosis. wafting through the thick humidity and enveloping all with the knowledge of who. what. where. when. i'm thinking there will be more curiosity seekers than anything and once they find out we didn't buy wine or get a musician (theres still hope but who knows) they will be forced to look at the art and interact. i look forward to it.

and in other pau…

friday new art finds: Elisa D'Arrigo

Budding ,2001
cloth, thread, acrylic paint
33 x 47 x 49 inches

Cross Section, 2004
cloth, acrylic paint, thread
34 x 30 x 7 inches

well shame on me for leaving Elisa in my queue for three weeks! i'm sure these works will keep though, look at them, all compact sewn together like some sort of art pasta. delicious! i got turned on to her work awhile ago when art propelled did a post showcasing works by various artists. i went to Elisa's website and got sucked into quite the visual journey. (thanks robyn!)

D'Arrigo uses cloth, hand made paper, wax, acrylic, and thread. i've even seen marble and dust listed as medium sources. its astonishing how worked these materials have got to be and yet they still remain so raw and organic.
Above: Elisa D'Arrigo Reconstructed ,2009, handmade paper, thread, acrylic paint, marble dust. 18 x 8 x 8 inches

Recollection...terracotta ,2008
cloth, acrylic paint, thread
20 x 19 x 4 inches

i didn't see the one on the right on her website, foun…

more none of the same

this dont look like texas huh? feels like a foreign land. today i met up with a woman i met last month at the art opening. she really dug my work, probably had more outward enthusiasm for it than the people who actually bought my art that night. it was unexpected and she was dying to show me some property she owns that she uses sometimes for parties/gatherings but eventually will fix up a bit more yet still keeping it industrial. i wont say too much about the place, i think its her baby and i dont want to exploit it.

suffice to say i LOVED the area and had a good time sitting here and chatting away with the sky above our heads and birds flying around while we talked. she is having a gathering next week and even offered to let me have some art up. not sure how to do that cuz i can't hang it up but maybe i will figure something out. if it isn't raining it might work. maybe i can put some candle holders on the tables...who knows. regardless it was cool to get out and me…

last week recap

i am boring right now. hence no blog posts. just in case someone is remotely interested in what i have been doing i thought i would give the blog a moments attention.

last week i posted on my face book fan page some pictures of a puzzle assemblage 'class' i did with the girl scouts in conroe, texas. that turned out to be easier than i expected and yet not so. i realized that having never 'taught' anything i should have gone with my initial instinct and told everyone we were going to make faces instead of giving them freedom to do whatever they wanted because as with many people too much freedom can sometimes paralyze you with choices. for the most part everyone got into it. i was instructing 7-12 year old girls after all, so imaginations were good but the project might have been too daunting in retrospect. i brought in two puzzle masks that i made on the fly to show as examples as well as four pre-existing puzzle assemblages to show them what is possible if you ha…


just walkin around on a balmy sunday night
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Houston we have contact

last month tod and i went to houston. i suppose i didn't paint a very good picture of our experience that day, for whatever reason we just weren't digging it. you'd think after living in huntsville for six months we would be frothing at the mouth for some culture and anything would suffice! perhaps we've both been spoiled by the beauty and culture that other cities we've lived in/visited have offered and houston seemed to pale that day. well, yesterday i went back. i went alone (tod wasn't even interested to bother). i almost turned around the last 15 miles of my 67 mi journey. started feeling a little panicky and thinking too much, but hell with it, i hadda give it one more try.

after making a quick stop at a local farmers market, i headed straight for the Menil Musuem in the cultural district. i'm really not big into going to musuems or galleries but it felt like the thing to do. as you can see below, the Musuem is large and hosts an impressive co…

tool art

someone gave this to tod. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw it. that hairy stuff is part of the inside of a hammer; it's fiberglass. this is its own art piece ready to hang in my opinion. its beautiful!