Redwood & Copper

Beautiful patina and lettering on this copper pipe demanded to be framed by something. Redwood triangles were the obvious choice. My favorite thing about these assemblages are that the fronts and backs are completely different. I have chosen to show what I deem the front to be but you might like the backside even better.

Once again I feel a pause coming. The renewed interest in my puzzle work from last weekends art exhibition in Conroe, made want to dust off my stand alone puzzle heads and finish them once and for all. One of them is on my website, The Warrior (this piece has been under construction for the last year and its time to either finish it or ruin it). The other I've never shown and it's high time I get these completed. I can't stand unfinished bodies of work. Feels like a huge clump of dust sitting in the corner. I keep waiting for the inspiration to plow through with the puzzle heads but my fear of ruining them has kept that at bay. Time to face the fear.


donauluft said...

I know what you mean! Sometimes it can be the right thing to finish something to make a step forward, but it must be the time

Kim Hambric said...

I know you've discussed The Warrior in the past. He's beautiful. What about him is unfinished? He's one of my favorite pieces of art ever. And I don't mean just your art.

Cynthia said...

Love that copper pipe! How exciting that you feel energized from the show!

paula said...

kim, who knew?
long ago I removed his headdress and glued more to cover the painted puzzles. i didn't like the overall bland boring.
and now i have cleaned up the rust piece really well thinking i would put rust converter on it but it now is gorgeous so that stays.
i'm giving him eyes, a mouth and who knows what else.
no one ever seemed to say much about him and i finally realized he needed more.

Angela Recada said...

I've always loved the look of copper. These pieces are fabulous, as is your warrior, even though you feel he's not yet finished. I feel the strongest urge to reach out and touch them.

How fantastic that you feel so energized again! It's always best to face the fear.

Michelle said...

They are fantastic and
makes me want to see more!!

layers said...

I love the weathered wood and the worn patina of the copper pipes-- and the minimal feel of these assemblages