friday new art finds: Marjan Teeuwen

todays friday new art finds is very elusive. Marjan Teeuwen. i spotted her(?) work on Le territoire des sens and spent way more time than i should have searching for anything about this artist. i babelfished the web pages that i did find on Marjan and could only guess it was netherland or dutch or god knows what. i'm not good at languages, figuring out who is what. no clue who marjan teeuwen is. i've googled the name, googled images and have absolutely no clue what materials this artist is using or anything else for that matter. perfect for me isn't it? you know by now i'd rather blast us with some images and just be stunned. of course this is a bit obtuse even for me. maybe one of you will have better luck finding out something if so inclined and share it with us. i'm already late on posting this, friday is nearly half over!

why post someone i know nothing about, let alone what i'm actually looking at? well...that is what art does. good art. you want to know more about it. and who done did it. am i looking at an installation? photography? miniature or large scaled? i really want to investigate the world that this artist has created, i'm fascinated by the color and texture and Escher-like repetitiveness i see. it appears simple yet complex. i like the earthy, powdery feel going on here. immediately i feel transported to another place and time and like a lone survivor carefully walking amongst ruins. fun stuff. hope you enjoy!

* thank you angela for your research! go to comments to see the links she found.


ArtPropelled said...

Left overs from building construction? No matter what, I like it!

Angela Recada said...

I took a look at your links, and she's definitely Dutch. I found this link:


by doing a search on Bing using the Dutch version of MSN/Internet Explorer.
This is her website. According to this site, she's a visual artist and curator at the KW14 Art Initiative in the Netherlands.

(I'm fluent in German, so I can read and understand a little Dutch, since it's like a version of the German dialect my Grandmother spoke.)

Don't know if this helps.

paula said...

you rock angela. i thought it seemed germanish but wasn't and on babel fish dutch was the only netherland type choice. were you able to discern what exactly this artist does?
her last name seems asian to me.
thanks for the link, i definitely missed that one.

Angela Recada said...

From what I understand, this arts initiative holds major themed exhibits, involving a number of artists, every two years at temporary sites in buildings of various sizes.

I found this description of her work (here: http://www.bacinol.nl/actueel/laatste-nieuws/marjan-teeuwen-opening-door-bernard-leupen-om-16-00-in-38cc/33):

"The contrast between demolition and construction is an important theme in the work of Teeuwen. She gained international fame with pictures of autonomous step sions from destroyed houses and furniture. The forces of construction and dismantling, of decay and resurrection seem opposites, but they hold Marjan Teewen in precarious balance."

It looks like she's had exhibits in Switzerland and China, too, and is going to four Russian cities in 2010/2011 in collaboration with Ine Lamers. Here's a link to Ine's bio:


P.S. Dutch words often have double vowels (ee, aa), so I'd say her last name is probably Dutch.

Too much info, I know - sorry!

Angela Recada said...

ooh - I just found this, too, a short bio of Marjan (in translation!):

I'll stop now.

paula said...

you've gone above and beyond and i love it! although i din't see the in translation thing...
thank you angela, love your resourcefulness.