friday new art finds : Isidro Blasco

Building 3, Isidro Blasco

Savannah 6, Isidro Blasco
more photos of this here.

Courtyard, Isidro Blasco

Courtyard Annex by Isidro Blasco 2009

Perhaps it is fitting that I could not find much written about Isidro Blasco. His website doesn't even have the usual look and feel of a typical artist's site. You know me, I prefer not to write too much about who, what, where and instead like to show some works that speak to me and let you enjoy what you will. I will say, Isidro certainly has an impressive exhibition list and its obvious if you look at the various bodies of work throughout his career that he has taken massive risks and delved into strange and remote places.

As described here:
Isidro Blasco combines architecture, photography and installation to explore themes of vision and perception in relation to physical experience. His work often references the realm of private or domestic space. Blasco normally begins by selecting one angle in a room or outdoors and then constructs a new space from the perspective of that vantage point.

I like this work. I like that he has found a way to present photography in a dimensional way. There is an awkward and gangly feeling about these large scaled assemblages that pleases me. And I would imagine that it is impossible to walk by with barely a glance and waltz on. They demand. And that is a good thing. They deserve to demand as they remind me of some out of control pop-up picture book. Childlike, crazy, industrial and visually exciting. I hope you enjoy this weeks new art finds as much as I am!


ArtPropelled said...

Never seen anything like it! I followed the links and am amazed at his work. Very exciting!Thanks for posting.

paula said...

ha! a triumph then someone you haven't seen AND you like :)

Margaret Ryall said...

Another great find Paula. I particularly liked your description of his work. You captured it perfectly.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Pretty amazing, taking photography to the beyond...into architecture, building, sculpture, and using it in a painterly way. This makes me stop and LOOK.

Kim Hambric said...

Fascinating! I wish I could get closer to these pieces.

Michelle said...

Stunning compositions!!!

Cynthia said...

Wow! This work is unusual and compelling and wonderful. And yes, I wish I could get closer too. It's one thing to look at a picture of a painting, but this work "demands" (good word) the presence of the viewer. Thanks Paula!

layers said...

what amazing, massive, complex art work! fabulous artist--thank you for posting and linking us to this artist- I will explore his website more.

Seth said...

These are so unlike...unlike anything I have seen before. Thanks for this posting.