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friday new art finds: Elisa D'Arrigo

Budding ,2001
cloth, thread, acrylic paint
33 x 47 x 49 inches

Cross Section, 2004
cloth, acrylic paint, thread
34 x 30 x 7 inches

well shame on me for leaving Elisa in my queue for three weeks! i'm sure these works will keep though, look at them, all compact sewn together like some sort of art pasta. delicious! i got turned on to her work awhile ago when art propelled did a post showcasing works by various artists. i went to Elisa's website and got sucked into quite the visual journey. (thanks robyn!)

D'Arrigo uses cloth, hand made paper, wax, acrylic, and thread. i've even seen marble and dust listed as medium sources. its astonishing how worked these materials have got to be and yet they still remain so raw and organic.
Above: Elisa D'Arrigo Reconstructed ,2009, handmade paper, thread, acrylic paint, marble dust. 18 x 8 x 8 inches

cloth, acrylic paint, thread
20 x 19 x 4 inches

i didn't see the one on the right on her website, found it on a google image search. not sure what it is about this piece, but i'm quite taken with it. it feels like something found in a back alley in china town. its vehicular...a transporter, a body...a THING. what a cool assemblage. i love that it's slightly grotesque and yet so appealing to my senses. another art find that spurs me on.

Ellen did a friday new art finds of her own, check it out!


ArtPropelled said…
Her work is so intriguing! Love the last image.
Ellen said…
nice, abstract and organic, definitely intriguing, great find.
paula said…
i can't believe you found this...i posted it and realized it didn't go to the top since i had it in the queue and posted without changing the date to present.
anyhow, yeah :) its good aint it?
Very intriguing. I'll have to check out her website. I wonder what the motivation is behind these pieces. Love the built-up look of them.
Angela Recada said…
These are fantastic! I recently found a book all about 3-D textile art and was completely blown away by the possibilities. This post of yours just makes me even more intrigued. I had to chuckle that dust was listed in the components in some of her pieces.
dinahmow said…
That last one looks like Fig Newtons (that's an English cookie)
Oh, Ellen sent me here. Thanks.
paula said…
i thought you'd like mz housewife.
okay angela, i admit when i saw dust it didn't occur to me to give it a 2nd thought, thats how absorbed i was.
ha it does look like fig newtons...won ton newtons.hahah.
thanks for visiting dinahmow
Incredible textures going on! As always, you have revealed another artist I'd never seen and am happy to discover!
Lynda Howells said…
oh my goodness....l love this work..l need to know this ladies work. Thanks for showing it to usxxlynda
San said…
"Some sort of art pasta." You said it. Yum.

And I agree that part of the allure of the last piece is its "slightly grotesque" quality. A fig newton monster, the evil cousin of Cookie Monster.
donauluft said…
Wow this looks like it is organic and growing yet!
donauluft said…
Wow this looks like it is organic and growing yet!
donauluft said…
Wow this looks like it is organic and growing yet!
donauluft said…
Wow this looks like it is organic and growing yet!
donauluft said…
sorry for 4 my computer was mad!

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