facebook fan page is where its at

i think i'm slowly getting a handle on the best way to use the blog, the website, facebook fanpage, facebook normal page (i'm omitting the other twenty five millions site as i still dont use them much) just in the last few days i realized i can use my Fan Page as a way to share more personal blips, photos and links to other artists blogs/art etc. i like using my blog more as a way to show a finished piece of work, write a lengthy diatribe, and my new friday art finds stuff. as of now, the fan page is where you might see works in progress, where discussions might actually take place under the discussions tab or where a mini portfolio of works is stored. i keep my regular facebook page as my personal site where i interact with artist friends and get/give support in the art world. its where i can make comments, ask questions and be my usual difficult self without exposing myself unduly to the rest of the world. so. today tod and i went on some railroad trek to get objects and i've decided to post the photos there. i invite you to become a fan and drop in throughout the week, never know what you will find!

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