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god help me i can't stop getting STUFF even though i have no room as it is right now, who could pass up these 80 odd tiny hinges? not me! one day the masterpieces will flow once again i hope!

lets face it, i'm just not going to make much art while i'm living the way i'm living. i'm coming to terms with it. i took a few photos of my studio space and posted them in my face book album and after seeing it i got it. got it loud and clear that the small wood things and a few things already in process prior to moving here are about all i can take on. seeing the reality of the boxes piled up made it painfully clear that things will have to change for me to get back to any semblance of creativity and productivity. small stuff is even a challenge but if it doesn't take up too much laying out i can deal. if i dont have to dig through boxes looking for baubles, i can deal. i dont have my 'flashes;' here. in vermont i would have flashes of what i…

staying on track

new finds, unknown railroad thingies

nuts bolts washers drool dripping from my lips

considering a few posts ago i was about to have a brain aneurysm, i'd say i've recovered considerably in a relatively short time. i attribute it to a few things. one, i contacted the gallery in vt where i still have a few pieces and found out that one is wrapped and ready to go upon pick up/pay. it really does make a HUGE difference when art sells. it feeds a part of me almost as much as making it, money aside, it is just a terrific energetic release.

also it helped to finally find some railroad tracks and to go on meditative walks with tod looking for little pieces of scrap to nab . i can't think when i'm walking, just looking, seeing. feeling that joy and magic upon finding something i've never seen before. i am always amazed at the diversity of things found near or on the tracks. those little wire things in the small photo to the left are something tod and i never came acro…

friday new art finds: Marjan Teeuwen

todaysfriday new art finds is very elusive. MarjanTeeuwen. i spotted her(?) work on Le territoiredes sens and spent way more time than i should have searching for anything about this artist. i babelfished the web pages that i did find on Marjan and could only guess it was netherland or dutch or god knows what. i'm not good at languages, figuring out who is what. no clue who marjanteeuwen is. i've googled the name, googled images and have absolutely no clue what materials this artist is using or anything else for that matter. perfect for me isn't it? you know by now i'd rather blast us with some images and just be stunned. of course this is a bit obtuse even for me. maybe one of you will have better luck finding out something if so inclined and share it with us. i'm already late on posting this, friday is nearly half over!

why post someone i know nothing about, let alone what i'm actually looking at? well...that is what art does. good art. you want …

facebook fan page is where its at

i think i'm slowly getting a handle on the best way to use the blog, the website, facebook fanpage, facebook normal page (i'm omitting the other twenty five millions site as i still dont use them much) just in the last few days i realized i can use my Fan Page as a way to share more personal blips, photos and links to other artists blogs/art etc. i like using my blog more as a way to show a finished piece of work, write a lengthy diatribe, and my new friday art finds stuff. as of now, the fan page is where you might see works in progress, where discussions might actually take place under the discussions tab or where a mini portfolio of works is stored. i keep my regular facebook page as my personal site where i interact with artist friends and get/give support in the art world. its where i can make comments, ask questions and be my usual difficult self without exposing myself unduly to the rest of the world. so. today tod and i went on some railroad trek to get objects …

sub (ad)mit

tell me it isn't just me. i really want to hear what it is like for you guys when you decide to submit work somewhere. this happens to me every single time i attempt it....i spend days searching for a place that is a) actually accepting submissions b) is close enough i can afford to drop off work to and c) appears to at least have similar tastes in work so my art even has a chance once submitted. so when that criteria has been met, i go about finding which works to submit and going about making my word doc. (which always turns into a 3 hour ordeal for me) and making a cd of the images. i put it in the envelope and then something says WAIT. just wait a day.

and after a day, i go back to the site and check and realize that my work isn't appropriate. or i didn't select pieces that make sense. coulda woulda shoulda. it NEVER feels right. EVER. i dread doing it, am convinced that everything i have submitted is done horribly wrong and have yet to get any results this wa…


really the last thing i want is to just babble ad nauseam about all the stuff i just babbled about below. but after writing that post, spending the day doing whatever it is i do and going off to the university library to get away from here i came home to a comment from andrea and started to realize the more i tried to answer her comment question the more that i saw most of that stuff wasn't exactly what the problem is.

yes the money thing IS a problem. and living somewhere else, more beautiful or fun or distracting...sociable etc probably wouldn't solve much. i'm reminded by tod that i was just as struggly in vermont. and while it is already obvious this realization, it wasn't OBVIOUS until i had a 3 hour sit down talk with tod last night and i heard myself say two things that finally made me realize why i'm so fucking miserable. 1) i can't see 95% of my materials. everything is in boxes, on shelves, stacked high. i can't GET to my stuff and can'…

sorry for the long one

i dont know why i've been under some self imposed silence about my life on the blog lately. perhaps i want to spare us all the tedium and distress. blogs are interesting. when i first started this blog it was more a personal rant than anything. it lasted 2 months and i deleted it. i waited a few more months and started again. i decided to stick with the artists' journey. MY journey and my work. my experiences, struggles blah blah blah. it's easy to become what i deem a leper on a blog. it's surprisingly easy to say too much and scare people away. its easy to bore people. its too easy to just be one's self and forget you need to monitor and self correct lest you cause irreparable damage to it [the blog]. it takes a lot of hard work to make a blog successful. i wouldn't even say i've done that. i noticed awhile back i had over 100 subscribers to google reader, that felt like a milestone. i have plenty-o-followers but i'm thinking many of t…

Redwood & Copper

Redwood Assemblages #61,62

Beautiful patina and lettering on this copper pipe demanded to be framed by something. Redwood triangles were the obvious choice. My favorite thing about these assemblages are that the fronts and backs are completely different. I have chosen to show what I deem the front to be but you might like the backside even better.

Once again I feel a pause coming. The renewed interest in my puzzle work from last weekends art exhibition in Conroe, made want to dust off my stand alone puzzle heads and finish them once and for all. One of them is on my website, The Warrior (this piece has been under construction for the last year and its time to either finish it or ruin it). The other I've never shown and it's high time I get these completed. I can't stand unfinished bodies of work. Feels like a huge clump of dust sitting in the corner. I keep waiting for the inspiration to plow through with the puzzle heads but my fear of ruining them has kept that at…


Redwood Assemblage #58

showing both sides so you can see the arched metal on both sides. liking the way one side is gray and the other a clay red. i have to admit it is a little scary to allow myself to use up my precious cool bits of found metal for something seemingly so 'useless'. its silly really how much i can covet this junk.

Redwood Assemblage #59 & 60

Redwood Assemblage #59

Redwood Assemblage #60

I still don't know what I'm doing with these little assemblages other than letting them keep on keeping on. They are still fun, still challenging and still consuming most of my time day in and day out. You have to understand the pieces of redwood I am getting are all on the small side. There are a handful of chunks anywhere from 4"x6" or a little larger, there are long thin slats that are maybe 1/8" thick, 2" wide and 25" long, a few 2x4 type planks and little odds and ends. That's it folks. I've learned better how to use my miter saw without slicing a finger off, it is always a little scary for me cutting small pieces of wood but less so the more I do it.

I've been incorporating more metal with the wood and if I can find my box of auto accident plastic and rubber from Vermont, I will experiment with those materials as well. Oddly I don't have as much metal to use as I thought I did, I…

friday new art finds : Isidro Blasco

Building 3, Isidro Blasco

Savannah 6, Isidro Blasco
more photos of this here.

Courtyard, Isidro Blasco

Courtyard Annex by Isidro Blasco 2009

Perhaps it is fitting that I could not find much written about Isidro Blasco. His website doesn't even have the usual look and feel of a typical artist's site. You know me, I prefer not to write too much about who, what, where and instead like to show some works that speak to me and let you enjoy what you will. I will say, Isidro certainly has an impressive exhibition list and its obvious if you look at the various bodies of work throughout his career that he has taken massive risks and delved into strange and remote places.

As described here: Isidro Blasco combines architecture, photography and installation to explore themes of vision and perception in relation to physical experience. His work often references the realm of private or domestic space. Blasco normally begins by selecting one angle in a room or outdoors and then constructs a ne…

more wood assemblages



#55 front and back



the most colorful thing we saw all day

yesterday tod and i thought we would go do something somewhere else. we have a short list of places nearby that we might consider moving to. houston being the closest, that is where we went.

according to online sources, discovery green in downtown is supposed to be a nice big area to bike/walk... it was actually a sparse offering in both humans and otherwise. its basically one big block with a 'lake' and not much else. the outdoor market consisted of about 6 tents with barely any offerings of anything. there was a little play area for kids. dogs. little dogs being walked by people. tod and i could not get over how quiet everything was. houston is clean. quiet. polite. and ultimately the most boring looking city we have ever seen. i drove around plenty too.

we drove to the Rothko Chapel where we sat a few minutes with the other dumbfounded people. we drove in and around Montrose, a neighborhood that is purported to be full of g…

Functional Puzzle Table

This piece, other than the steel barrel band, is 100% puzzle pieces. It is functional although you wouldn't want to put anything heavy on it. I used a ph balanced flexible glue. Rust converter was applied to the band for a nice dark finish. Table is approx 18" diameter and 21" tall.

friday new art finds: Donna Rosenthal

days of wine and roses, 2009
He Said ... She Said, 2006
i would make a horrible art critic by todays standards. honestly, when i look at art i dont even think to see what their degree was in, where they went to school or even how long they have been at it. i love the initial reaction and response of just seeing and feeling without knowing. i like being drawn in slowly over time. circling the piece/work and coming back to it... finding out about it bit by bit. and sometimes, as with these pieces, i instantly connect with them without even a further glance. period.

that said, i like these miniature paper clothes by Donna Rosenthal. i thought i owed it to you all to tell you something about them even though i kinda just want to post them and say look at this! but what is it and who made it? so i went to find what i could ~ you can read that for yourself on her artist statement , for now, i just want to look and enjoy. i can't explain why i'm attracted to these clothes....…

show and tell

so yesterday jared and i painted the wall.  we got a nice blue/gray paint at wall mart for a ridiculous price (jared had the foresight to know we could buy paint that had been returned, who knew?)  for those of you with foggy memories, here is the before shots of the space we are going to use for our one night gallery show.  we came up with a name for the flyers: 12th street back door gallery.

its probably the first time i've really felt excited about doing this show to be honest.  i think i am so scattered and lost right now ....nothing makes sense or feels right in my world and focusing hasn't been a strong point.  it was good to claim the space with some paint and talk about other cosmetic changes we can make in the space.  for as little as gets used here in huntsville, i'm happy to say i've requested wood stain for the interior deck area (see before photos) and someone replied so we might be snazzing up that as well.

the lesson is doing.  and not be…

Redwood Assemblage #44

when i dont judge these, even though they make no sense to me, i find them extremely pleasing. i think i prefer, as does tod, the more abstract over something that resembles a creature.  a handful of these do not have matching ends of triangle pieces, these give me a sense of movement, slightly vehicular and like a child's toy.


life is feeling pretty stressful.  the only job i can so far find available is working for the prison system.  i dont qualify for much.  and i suppose i will never have the desperation to apply for a job watching hardened criminals.  i'm fairly certain i wouldn't pass that sort of interview as just entering the facility would probably instill a helpless bodily shaking.

i wonder if i'm supposed to move.  i wonder how much longer i can survive without making money.  i wonder what is going to happen to my art my tools my supplies.  what if i can't make art any more because i dont live anywhere even slightly conducive space wise?  its been hard enough here and its almost impossible to imagine finding a better place if we move as we will have less money to work with.  i wonder if i will loose it. my mind.  my will.

i'm not happy right now for sure.  i'm tired of the endless testosterone from all sides of our dwelling.  the grunty weight lifters below us that come at…

Redwood Assemblage #43