Redwood Assemblages on hold

well i've gotten up to #42 and have decided to take a break so i can finish something i started last summer. you can see all of these wood assemblages on my flickr page. i've had a blast making these. for those of you not clued in, these are all scrap pieces of redwood taken from a build site (permission to snatch the wood was granted). i was intrigued by some small 45 degree angle cut offs that i found and soon began collecting all of the spare bits and pieces of redwood. slats, chunks and even smaller chunks of wood that seemingly had come to the end of their road for possible use. the wood was reclaimed to begin with and was being used in one of the phoenix commotions' current projects. the jest of these pieces are, they are all 'framed' by triangles with the center being the highlight, the raison d'ĂȘtre if you will.

the challenge and thrill of working with wood, albeit small amounts and sizes, has led me to a new body of work that i cannot wait to get back to. but first i must finish a puzzle table i started last summer. its been sitting on my pile of moving boxes. in an effort to make some new art for a friday art walk i've decided this table will be included amongst my other functional tables all of which are made from found objects. this includes bones, wood, railroad scale patterns, and farm equipment. i should have my bone furniture back from the museum by then and hope to fill up the center of the space with my tables and candle holders. i can't be sure this table will work. last year i started a puzzle table and it fell apart, this time i'm hoping one chunk in the center instead of four will be more sturdy. so far it looks like a deadly puzzle mushroom. sure to be ugly, this table will also have a metal band around the puzzle table top. imagine a pizza pie with the crust made out of metal and the center filled with puzzle pieces. grotesque but someone has to do it.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a cool pic--that second to last. Paula, you are the coolest...and you are in my t-main this week. Your face puzzle. Check it out :-)

paula said...

LOVE IT. thank you :) i'm glad you like my wood pieces dawn, as i respect your taste and knowledge in art matters.

Michelle said...

They are absolutely fantastic!!!
I love Wood more and more,
it opend me a new perspective,
watching yours!

paula said...

thank you michelle, i'm loving it more and more too!

ArtPropelled said...

I popped over to phoenix connections to look at the video. I'm amazed. I want a Dan Phillips house! Now I've found all the other videos. Wow Paula what inspiration you have on your doorstep! I loved your quote under artist profiles and have written it into my quote book.

paula said...

ha! yes robyn it is very inspiring to be around dan and his homes. thank you for checking that blog/website out, for commenting and even looking at the artist profile page! wow. glad you like my quote, thanks!