pulley candle holder

i've been remiss in posting things....a few weeks ago i listed a new candle holder made by combining a found pulley and a washer. its light, simple and perfect. a nice firm grasp around the center in case you are walking down a long dark tunnel. bottom lip has been sanded and wont scratch furniture.

see ya tomorrow...you know what friday is right? new artist finds day. can't wait to see the plethora of new art finds from you all on your blogs or links in my post tomorrow if you care to share that way.


AnitaNH said...

New Art Find Friday! I like that idea. There is something called "McLinky"


It is used by Marie on her postcard blog to link posts for "Postcard Friendship Friday."


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Hmmm, I'm intrieged by everything you do, Paula...and the new artist's finds will be keeping me on my toes...or fingers :-) Your candle holder is top-notch! I love the photo, too!

paula said...

anita, THANK YOU for those links. i just woke up..just got this and will have to go check it out when i can think straight. but thanks!!!
thanks dawn...YOU made that candle holder have lots of lookees with that great treasury :)

San said...

Next time I am walking down a dark tunnel, I will reach for that pulley candle holder. What a great design!