friday new art finds: Leonard Drew

Number 38
Leonard Drew, 1994

Leonardo Drew Opening @ the Blaffer Gallery on May 15 from Michael Brims on Vimeo.

Number 92
Leonard Drew, 2004

Leonard Drew #28
rust, canvas, wood, 1992

Kim left a comment recently with this artists' name/link. the minute i saw his work, i felt that stab. that stab of oh shit. oh god. who does this? who am i? what am i doing? i am so puny. when i recovered....i looked at his work more and realized i will never do this and must appreciate that someone else did. does.

it would be silly of me to write about his work, i don't have the words to describe it. i have found some well written articles about him such as this one from the blaffer gallery. the article describes his career and process. i found another article in the houston chronicle by Douglas Britt that was also informative. click here to see more videos.

i can say, Leonard's sculptures inspire and cripple me all in one. i am inspired by his use of such scrippy scrap and his 'puzzling together' of pieces. i watched a video whereby he describes how his work was too big to get out of his studio so he learned to make puzzles out of it. piecing them together to be taken apart and put together in various ways, keeping it fresh and organic. i like his use of rust, cotton, fabric and of course, wood. his work looks like he has gone many miles in his artist journey, reminding me that anything is possible!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You picked a good one, Paula! Every artist has his or her thing that catches you off guard. I don't know how many times I found myself in front of a piece, or in the middle, and it made me laugh or feel uncomfortable or deliriously happy--countless times, I think.

But I think your puzzle pieces are exactly like that--genious!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...and size has nothing to do with it...you could also be a miniaturist and have the same effect, (well, almost).

paula said...

i love what you say about finding yourself in front of a piece and laughing or feeling uncomfortable...its interesting how art hits us. i appreciate always your input and thoughts dawn...and for spurring me on too :)

ArtPropelled said...

The first time I saw Leonardo Drew's work on the internet I got goosebumps. Brilliant!

paula said...

okay robyn, my ONE GOAL IN LIFE is to find an artist YOU haven't found first :)

Kim Hambric said...

So many artists do that to me. I'm just overwhelmed. I feel itty bitty (and sometimes shitty). Then I realize I do want to look at things that amaze me and overwhelm me. I want to be little sometimes.

San said...

Dazzling work, Paula.