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random lunacy

some people might see this documentary and think the guy is just nuts. i admit, he scoots close to the edge. but last night tod and i watched this on hulu and we could not take our eyes off the screen. i'm not sure i've ever seen anything quite like this, nor known anyone like 'Poppa Neutrino'. he of course is living an artists life. that he dragged his family into it for as long as they would tolerate it or could grow up to make their own lives, well some might raise eyebrows but when speaking about their lives in front of the camera his kids were well spoken and wise beyond their years. i wouldn't have wanted to live as they did and i'm not sure what he could have/would have done on his own but i have to admire someone who lives with such tenacity.

what i came away with after watching this was the difference between those who are homeless and 'victims of it' ie stay in the same area, suck off of the system, drink/drugs, and leech off society vs …

friday new art finds: Antony Gormley

Standing Matter, XVIII

Shrive II, 2008
Antony Gormley

i'm thrilled to have a friday new art finds this week! thank you Margaret for thinking of me and my little wood assemblages when you sent me Antony Gormley's link.

this body of work consists of 'standing figures made of cast iron variable blocks'. i never feel comfortable 'lifting' too much written information about someone from another website without permission, so please visit this link to find out the specifics on this body of work and here to read his bio on his website.

a brief bio: Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950 and received a degree from Trinity College, Cambridge in archaeology, anthropology and history of art. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he traveled for three years in India before returning to enroll in Londonʼs Central College of Art, Goldsmithʼs College, and the Slade School of Art. Gormleyʼs works have been the subject of group and solo exhibitions in numerous, international…

word of mouth

all i can say is, for me, word of mouth has been the only way i have ever gotten into a gallery, exhibition, and most times sold art. so i owe a big thank you to cynthia who has put in a word and by dint of that, i am for sure in a show march 13th. below you can see one of her beautiful watercolor paintings that is for sale on etsy, as well as one of the soon to be highlights for the eco/green show in conroe, texas. the gallery is the Linda Watson Art Gallery on main street. yesterday i went in and showed some work (which i was able to leave there thank you!) and will bring more in by the 1st of march. while the show will only last a week, and it isn't a large gallery, they are interested in carrying at least one piece on an ongoing basis. Jean and Joe are the owners and have also started a saturday outdoor market that could be another possibility for my smaller works come nicer weather. it was good to get out and have a positive reaction to my puzzle work and mixed media a…


when i think back to 2005, not that long ago so its easy to dig into my mental archive, i remember trying like the devil to drill through some rusty steel and not making a DENT. i figured it couldn't be done with a hand drill. tod and i knew nothing. NOTHING. we actually took the steel to a hardware store and had the guy drill through it to show us how to do it. what we realized was, the house drill that i was using sucked. i knew not one thing about power tools. drill bits. how to do much more than use a screwdriver, one could argue over even THAT.

i have had a steep learning curve but as my work becomes more functional the learning curve is more like a steep 45 degree angle being attempted at a high speed. you are bound to have accidents. things will die. pieces have to be put back together. as with the above piece. my puzzle table. i had the fancy idea about putting wheels on it, thinking if it rolled around there would be less picking up of it, less chance to rui…

no friday art find

i couldn't find a new art find for today. and truth be told i haven't looked that hard. it either hits me or it doesn't. i've had enough to do online as it is. still writing blog posts for phoenix commotion, which takes more effort than this because i need to sound normal. thats exhausting. then there is my etsy blog, the more action i get on etsy the more i need to write on that. i'm slowly learning marketing skills and as of this weekend an official etsy team is being created by some etsy friends and i'm volunteering to get that blog up and running as well as a fan page on facebook. my friend here in texas, cynthia, has put in a good word for my art and looks like she and i will be in a show 2nd week in march in conroe, tx. a little gallery that is rather new but seems to be having success; they are wanting to do an 'eco show'. then there is the art walk thing happening one of these fridays end of feb/early march. i'm working with the p…

Redwood Assemblages on hold

well i've gotten up to #42 and have decided to take a break so i can finish something i started last summer. you can see all of these wood assemblages on my flickr page. i've had a blast making these. for those of you not clued in, these are all scrap pieces of redwood taken from a build site (permission to snatch the wood was granted). i was intrigued by some small 45 degree angle cut offs that i found and soon began collecting all of the spare bits and pieces of redwood. slats, chunks and even smaller chunks of wood that seemingly had come to the end of their road for possible use. the wood was reclaimed to begin with and was being used in one of the phoenix commotions' current projects. the jest of these pieces are, they are all 'framed' by triangles with the center being the highlight, the raisond'être if you will.

the challenge and thrill of working with wood, albeit small amounts and sizes, has led me to a new body of work that i cannot wait to get …

friday new art finds: Leonard Drew

Number 38
Leonard Drew, 1994

Leonardo Drew Opening @ the Blaffer Gallery on May 15 from Michael Brims on Vimeo.

Number 92
Leonard Drew, 2004

Leonard Drew #28
rust, canvas, wood, 1992

Kim left a comment recently with this artists' name/link. the minute i saw his work, i felt that stab. that stab of oh shit. oh god. who does this? who am i? what am i doing? i am so puny. when i recovered....i looked at his work more and realized i will never do this and must appreciate that someone else did. does.

it would be silly of me to write about his work, i don't have the words to describe it. i have found some well written articles about him such as this one from the blaffer gallery. the article describes his career and process. i found another article in the houston chronicle by Douglas Britt that was also informative. click here to see more videos.

i can say, Leonard's sculptures inspire and cripple me all in one. i am inspired by his use of such scrippy scrap and his 'p…

pulley candle holder

i've been remiss in posting things....a few weeks ago i listed a new candle holder made by combining a found pulley and a washer. its light, simple and perfect. a nice firm grasp around the center in case you are walking down a long dark tunnel. bottom lip has been sanded and wont scratch furniture.

see ya know what friday is right? new artist finds day. can't wait to see the plethora of new art finds from you all on your blogs or links in my post tomorrow if you care to share that way.