three nuts and then some

some of you may remember a few years ago tod and i had a chance to go scrounging in a dilapidated building in st johnsbury. the owner had filled it with rr scale forms which were at one time used for casting rr scale parts as well as other industrial forms, which i assume also had to do with the railroad. i didn't know the owner, it was a friend of the owner who contacted me when he saw my work in a local gallery and thought i might appreciate these things as the building was slated to be demolished. yes, i lugged all this stuff to texas and bit by bit i'm digging through it; when i found this hunk of steel i thought PERFECT! i'm going to use this for a candle holder base.

as you can see in the above picture, i've used the long steel base for just that. i found it in the entryway of the building along with a handful of other strange steel pieces. never dawned on me until now what to use them for. its a solid piece, three nuts cold welded to the base and three found washers (from texas) topping off each nut. honestly my candle holders look perfect just as they are, tight brown red rusty characters just standing there doing duty. blunt objects that have a feisty dare ya thing going on. at least that is how they speak to me.

if it speaks to you...you know where you can get it instantly.


ArtPropelled said...

Haaha, you hit the nail on the head ....a feisty, dare ya thing going!

andrea said...

"Blunt objects that have a feisty dare ya thing going on". They sound just like you! :) (And I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

paula said...

me? blunt? feisty?

Ellen said...

this is great. Lucky you to get to rummage through an old building with those finds.