so behind and looking ahead

one of the entrance walkways to and fro the space offered to us

the ramp the landlord had built so people can get to the art walk space and view from the 'balcony'. the little building next to that yellow car will also be used for the art walk.

entryway to the space

the space

i feel like i'm always behind since moving here. never sure what i'm doing...i feel like i can barely keep up with myself even though i kind of have nothing going on. no job to go to, no demands. its a little bizzare. i'm lucky if i can remember to pay some bills and find my grocery list. i attribute this to how i'm living, the lack of a real home environment, but i have a feeling it is more just me giving in and letting art take over everything. all i know is i am pretty much living in the now most of the time and doing whatever comes up as it comes up. i like it. its sometimes a little disorientating, but seems more organic to just do whatever comes up instead of planning everything.

having said that, there is a plan for late feb/early march. the photos above are a space my landlord is offering up for an upcoming art walk just a block over from where we live. he has a few buildings in the downtown area that have been empty and pretty uninhabitable and he figures why not clean them up a little, toss out the junk and open them up for artists to use. pretty cool. very generous and sure to be unpredictable. my neighbor jared, tod and myself will share this space. it will be a first for jared and tod to show their work.

tod has been working on 'daddy dolls' (we call them that as he is the little daddy or the big daddy depending on his temperament). the 'dolls' are my old green mountain coffee bags turned inside out. the heads are usually stuffed with styrofoam and then he adorns them with minute found objects. no glues...no adhesives other than tying or winding things, sticking them in with pins or other 'natural' ways. i love these things. he is also getting into making found art sculpture.

jared is making mixed media pieces with a political bent. conceptual...intelligent...with a big dose of 'street' to them. i think his work, coupled with me and tods, will prove to NOT BE BORING :)

i still haven't decided what i'm showing. not sure i want to go into storage and open up boxes and boxes to dig for art. i have my furniture art here in the loft and my clocks. i have my new redwood assemblages but i'm not sure i see them up anywhere yet....they are still a work in progress. who knows what i'm going to do. i like the ease of this coming 'show'. with a gallery exhibit it is usually stressful and down to the wire. and i have no control over any of it. this is going to be us cleaning up the space, fixing it the way we want and just having some fun with it. no clue if anyone will actually show up.... who knows. who cares. its what is next!


CTStudios said...

The brick walls in the space are so wonderfully textural and with natural aged patina to boot. This should be a wonderful backdrop to showcase art.

Colleen Kole said...

This is a great space to photograph your art. You just never stop! Can't wait to see what comes next.

TMNK said...

It will be, be cause you are, GREAT. I am excited for you.

paula said...

it is funky in a good way this space isn't it? and tmnk...i wish i had your gift of gab and showmanship, then i KNOW it would be great.

Teo said...

That space is great! Very nice gesture from your landlord and I’m sure the three of you will turn that space into something fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more pics along the way.

paula said...

thanks teo!