misc metal....and of course wood

you knew it was just a matter of time right? metal and wood. hinge on wood, with drilled holes through the center where those four holes are. i had a good discussion with tod about this as i'm still paranoid about this body of work. he likened this to doing what pictures frames once did (but in our opinion is now defunct/antiquated). i'm framing the found object. its there, look at it and see it and appreciate it. it isn't all dolled up with busy. it is a daring thing for me and to some that might sound ridiculous, maybe even pompous. my take is, i could make this into something more...but that isn't what the materials are asking of me. until you hold this in your hands, or place it on a ledge and just look at it perhaps you wont ever get it. i got it. i don't understand it but i got it.

the top two pictures are some found metal from a denuded lot on a semi busy intersection. felt a little strange picking all this up in a less than desirable neighborhood with cars and people streaming by, but someone had to take those washers and weird bracket thingies right? the strange artist and her sidekick walking around with a plastic baggie bending over as they walk, picking up ridiculous things. a trio of raunchy looking dogs stared at us from across the street, were it not for the traffic i felt certain we were gonna get chased. tod ignored them and we hurriedly picked up the goods and fled.


Nellie's Needles said...

oooo...a good haul!

Does the hinge part of these sculptures work? If so, that would be great to play with positioning them to suit a mood or display space.

Very clever of Tod to see those wooden parts as frames. They certainly function to do that ... and more.

paula said...

at first i had it doubled up so it worked but it is so beautiful that i've flattened it so you can see left and right. and i've used the screwed to screw it in and then drilled holes clean through the wood on the other holes...so now it isn't playable.

ArtPropelled said...

Yum! Love them!