can you see through that? there is a portal.....i've almost given up trying to find where to shoot good pictures of these so tonight i just grabbed it and held it up to the ugly light. its a shame really, artist can't even come up with a creative way to make the work look good.

some of these i call my georgia okeffee's. if you can't figure out why then i'm not gonna explain it.

a few are made by lovely default. my fault. and i like it. when i hold the center pieces to drill them a bit to help with the staying/gluing power, a few break here and there which cause happy accidents. one such piece became a diptych today as this was one of the burnt pieces from the bone house fire last year. when i drilled it, it immediately broke in the burnt part, clean, perfect, curved...beautiful. my first instinct was to glue it back together before placing it in the center of the two triangles but then i realized i liked it broken, and i liked that the assemblage would be two pieces instead of one.

you'd like it too if i could find a good source of light and background.


ArtPropelled said...

Paula, I also have trouble photographing my work and still havn't managed to make my pieces look the way they really are. There is so much more (especially texture and subtle colour changes) that I would like my photos to show. I'm enjoying looking over your shoulder, so to speak, and seeing what you are doing.
In this piece the broken, charred centre is perfect. Loving the texture!

Karen said...

You have such an artists soul and an artists eye. These are wonderful!

paula said...

well robyn its good to know even in sunny africa you can't get the right lighting!!! and i've always thought your work looks perfectly photographed.
karen...i love that you are responding to this so much, i'm still doubting myself and think this is so 'old' and not flashy new hip work.

San said...

Love the relicky feel of these. That is quite O'Keeffish--the relicky feel.

Angela Recada said...

Hey Paula,
I finally had a few minutes to catch up with your blog, and it's terrific to see all the different things you're getting into. I really like what you're doing here. And you know I love how you see the potential beauty in the scraps others ignore.