a strong recap of a good week

Fun stuff in the last seven days. A recap: we were invited to thanksgiving day at three places and managed to eat our way through two of the three. the morning started with breakfast and a hike with dan, his wife and a forest full of friends. this was a 30 year tradition so being a part of it was special. the evening was dinner at what i dare to call a 'new friends' house just out of town. we supped on homemade food that had us swooning, laughed, looked at wonderful art (they are collectors and artists themselves), and capped off the evening with a huge bonfire and homemade pie! (we were in an online free press thing and no one bothered to ask about our names/spelling...according to this tod (d) is married to me and has my last name)

in preparation for a local christmas art show this saturday i began making small, affordable art a.k.a as my new steel gutter vases. i posted them online yesterday and sold half of them! also sold one of my favorite little clock multiples on etsy (another thing i'm taking to this show as they are small and lightweight) i think i was more excited selling these small items than selling one of my big pieces at the gallery in vermont! it is empowering when e-commerce works!

tod and i spent a few hours talking with dan yesterday and it helped me greatly to understand more of what i'm doing here right now. i've been feeling guilty and lost as i've not been going to the job site and learning/doing anything there. was getting harder and harder to pop in and get supplies or ask how to do something. aside from making my own art to survive, i've been concentrating on making art for the phoenix commotion design store. even that felt tricky as for now i know i need to make small, less expensive things until the design store gets exposure and filled with functional art. the thought of 'what am i doing' was swirling around my head like a mad dervish. so that dan spent a big chunk of time just talking to us when god knows he has a laundry list of to do's that are longer than the mississippi, was reassuring.

i see that i am learning. not as fast as i thought i would, but i am being influenced and picking up things here and there that are simple but necessary. learning more about wood, tools, and more of what i want. i have a chance with my behind the scene involvement on the blog and website (for phoenix commotion) to give input that actually helps create change. i'm not sure i've ever met someone other than tod who is so open to change/possibility/suggestions. Dan continues to amaze me each and every time i get to spent more than a second with him. for someone with no job, no responsibility and no set schedule, i still can't get over how completely filled up my days are. time is flying and i don't plan on letting go anytime soon.


Karen Jacobs said...

;) ;) ;)

San said...

I enlarged the image to read the blurb. I got a kick out of "Mr. McCullough."

Things seem to be going great!

Angela Recada said...

I am so happy for you both! Things seem to really be falling into place for you. I loved reading this.

paula said...

i feel like an astronaut who has gone to another planet and finally found life!

Nellie's Needles said...

You are an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing ALL that ... especially the photo. Now there's an image to go with the mental picture of I've had of you based on your art, writings, and our communications. It's a pleasure to see Tod, too.

jeanamarie said...

so good you are making connections in huntsville and fantastic that your 'gutter vases' sold - they are awesome btw!