Saturday's Show

Yesterday's Christmas Art Sale was quite the unexpected, fun day. It's been a few years since I've participated in a show like this, I guess I was happy being in some galleries in Vermont and stopped exhibiting in weekend shows; not that i ever even did many in the first place as it was just too cumbersome for my work, small car and lack of funds. Well, now that I've moved and am having to start over in many ways (exhibiting, owing rent, being part of a new community) lets just say I'm more open when an opportunity comes my way.

This was easy. EASY. In the past these types of events left me drained, were a hassle both with parking, setting up and deconstructing at the end of the day. Not so this time. And the space was WONDERFUL! We all made food to bring and three tables were filled with every imaginable treat and lots of hot coffee and cider. We were given pin on name tags, tables were provided and we all had ample wall space to hang up works which will remain on the wall until some time in january. Quite the bang for the buck.

I enjoyed that most of the other artists all walked around and chatted. Six hours is a long time to be tethered to your table if no one talks to you and I found myself rarely left alone. I sold some of my new candle holders (and i didn't even think to take pictures of them so they are secret little souls out there), sold half of my steel gutter vases and had a fair amount of interest in the clocks and one of my mixed media pieces on the wall.

I could go on and on about the people. I am still surprised by how open and friendly people have been here. I stated in the post below that I was next to Cynthia (we spent thanksgiving with her family), and Cynthia introduced me to people all day long. Through her I met someone who works for the Railroad in Houston and can possibly get me more railroad nuts (I'm out and want to make more candle holders) What a boon because as far I know there aren't any tracks around here and I'm still being frugal when it comes to spending $$ driving long distances for anything. I met Bobbe, who makes the potholders below by using knox gelatin and fabric paint ~ when she told me about how she did this my eyes popped out of my head. Fun stuff and wild patterns on one side with quilt like fabric sewn on the other. I love too that they are not perfectly shaped and she is going to make round ones next. They also aren't filled with polyester like most so they do a better job of keeping the heat from pouring through to your hands.

I met Marsha who just started making scarves this year (top photo), this was her first time showing/selling and she had what I would call a big day when it comes to moving product! While sales were down compared to last year, it appeared that everyone had some action going on and no one was complaining or negative. I met Lonnie who makes beautiful wood bowls (photo below). I loved his unusual choices in shape and handles, look at that bowl on the left with the branch thing on the top, that is a banana stem! Very elegant pieces and I was glad to see sold tags on his work.

So. I came home with a pocketful of money and business cards. I felt energized at the end of the day. Tod and Jared popped in unexpectedly to help me take down my table and within five minutes we were out of there. They had spent the day working at Dan's workshop/storage space, clearing things up/organizing...getting it ready to be useful as a functional space for us all. It's nice to know my art doesn't stick out like a sore thumb here. Nice to know there are plenty of artists here too. I still have no idea what is next, what I'm doing, but at least there is a community here that so far, feels alive and looking to grow!


AnitaNH said...

Very inspiring to hear about your show. Great pictures. . . looks like you are part of a nice community of artists there!

Angela Recada said...

This is wonderful news. It sounds like things just keep getting better and better for you in Huntsville.

paula said...

who knew....WHO KNEW!!!!????? :)

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Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Looks like fun, Paula--would love to be around your crowd!

Kim Hambric said...

Fantastic! Didn't take long did it?!?

Chris said...

Looks like more of what you were hoping for when you moved!