put a cork on it

if you can ignore my big ass ( i know i can't) here you can see i actually am alive and doing something on the job site. i went yesterday and spent a few hours gluing/nailing cork to the upstairs bedroom in the bone house. i posted some new pictures on the phoenix commotion blog, go check it out! lots of work has been done since i was last there, its great to see!

i had plans to go today but my fingers are sore from pushing and squeezing the corks to the floor. my knees and legs are sore. let us not forget i've been an near invalid for two weeks with the invisible bug infestation feeding on me at night. that mysterious scourge appears to be waning, yet my upper body is now displaying a different kind of itchy rash ~ god only knows what that is. if i had a normal paying job i'm sure i would be fired by now. lucky me i'm an artist and work for myself (knock on wood). so today i think i will putter on my own art. i've collected a fair amount of redwood scraps from the bone house and am working on some trays. its fun and a little scary branching away from my normal art and working with just wood. god knows i'm not a craftsman, nor a master with tools....i'm making it up as i go. so off i go..... merry christmas little blog readers if anyone is actually out there sneaking time away from family and friends.


ArtPropelled said...

Just back from a family lunch and am now sneaking a look at blogs. I must be addicted!
Merry christmas and Happy puttering.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Paula, who is that gorgeous creature gluing and pounding cork into that beautiful floor? Is it you? That looks like a bone-bending job, but the end result will be stunning I'm sure! Happy Day to you!

jeanamarie said...

Merry Christmas!!! nice to 'see' you - working hard :)

Glad you are able to rest up and get better, steady income is useful, but self-employment does have it's benefits!

paula said...

ah robyn, i love that you couldn't keep away :) merry christmas
dawn...that is me...looking like a heavy weight champ in my bundles of clothing. bless you.
and merry christmas to you!
and you too jeanamarie...your so right.